HeavyM 2.3 update

Good news! Custom Centers for effects are back, with some nice bonuses! We’ve reworked its design and usability. This popular feature for HeavyM 1 customers is now both easier and more powerful. In addition, the center of a face can be controlled by OSC, MIDI and even be animated. This release also brings many bug fixes and some usability improvements.

For customers, download the update from the license manager

or, get the free Demo version of HeavyM 2.3 here

Release notes

New features

  • Added an Origin parameter to many effects (all Outline effects, Inside, Outside, Hypnotic, Mosaic, Radial Glow, Round Trip, Elastic) – the origin point is based on the Center (the + point) of each face
  • When loading a project, HeavyM now also looks for your media files (Videos, GIFs, Images, Shaders) in the folder where the project file is located – that way you can just copy the whole folder when changing computers or working remotely with a client!
  • Added a Direction parameter to Line – Boomerang effect
  • Added alpha channel to Clouds2d generative shader

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a blink on players that occurred when using Next or Previous in Playlists
  • Fixed the behaviour of the Next and Previous buttons in Playlists
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the playback of a Source in the played sequence when it is disconnected in another one
  • Fixed the behaviour of the Hide icon of groups when creating a new sequence
  • Fixed the location of the drag & drop indicator when dragging up in the Layers panel
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to add points to a locked face in Edit mode
  • Fixed various update issues when making some changes in the Layers panel (renaming, locking or changing group color for instance)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the selection of shapes to freeze
  • Fixed a bug that caused media thumbnails to be missing
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a sequence that was playing
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong points to be locked when unsnapping a locked shape and an unlocked one
  • Fixed the minimum duration of sequences and medias by setting it to 1s instead of 0
  • Fixed the Direction of the rotation effect on the Z-axis
  • Fixed various crashes linked to file creation, file reload (in particular with a background image), undo/redo, Magnet mode, etc
  • Fixed a bug on handles at project reload (since 2.2.0). It can affect the aspect of curves if your project was created before version 2.2.0


  • Added a performance warning for MacOS users, when HeavyM detects that the integrated graphics card is used instead of the dedicated one
  • Improved the fluidity of the playback when increasing the video speed (no more lag at the end)
  • Improved the behaviour of undo/redo when snapping points with the Magnet mode – objects are now placed back where they were and not next to the blue magnet zone
  • Improved the drawing of the Snake effect path – it is now clearer when shapes and groups have the same color, and is not drawn in faces from other groups or players (as they are not affected by the effect)
  • HeavyM now opens in fullscreen at startup
  • The Background Image is now directly displayed when validating the choice of an image in the settings
  • Added a “Show this window at startup” checkbox on the Welcome Window

Known issues

  • A crash can happen on MacOS Catalina if a screen is plugged/unplugged while an output window is already open – Please update to Big Sur if possible!
    • HeavyM 2 is not compatible with some integrated graphics cards – Please check the minimum requirements on the website.