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Find the perfect projectors for your video mapping masterpiece

Unlock the full potential of your video mapping projects with HeavyM’s expertise

Expert guidance in selecting your projector

It’s not just about projecting images; it’s about bringing your creative vision to life with precision, clarity, and brightness tailored just for your project’s needs.

Perfect brightness

The exact brightness to make every detail of your project pop.

Adapted resolution

Crisp, customized image resolution tailored to your needs.

Distance calculation

Expert placement ensures seamless integration for captivating visuals.

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In partnership with

HeavyM has teamed up with Optoma, a globally recognized leader in high-quality projectors. This collaboration brings together Optoma’s cutting-edge projection technology with HeavyM’s expertise in video mapping, ensuring our clients have access to the best tools for their creative endeavors. Together, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled visual experiences, making every project not just seen, but truly memorable.

Hundreds of successful projects with our projector recommendations

HeavyM’s expertise has illuminated the creative visions of clients across festivals, corporate events, and artistic installations, showcasing our versatility and success in bringing projects to life.

Stage design

3 projectors

Immersive restaurant

4 projectors

Immersive space

6 projectors

best video mapping - dragon mapping

Illuminate Your Vision: Mastering Perfect Brightness

HeavyM possesses unmatched expertise in fine-tuning the perfect brightness for your video mapping projects, ensuring every detail is illuminated with precision.

Our deep understanding of ambient light conditions and projector capabilities allows us to create optimal visual experiences, even in challenging environments.

Projection on facade of the Video Mapping Festival of Lille

Clarity by Design: Crafting Your Ideal Resolution

By meticulously selecting projectors with the ideal resolution, we ensure that each image is displayed with crisp detail.

Our tailored approach considers the unique aspects of your project, guaranteeing a visual output that’s not just seen, but truly experienced.

Ephemeral immersive space for a store, with the company Arscénique

Space Transformed: Precision Distance Calculation

HeavyM’s expertise extends to calculating the exact projectors positions required to cover your chosen surfaces without distortion or compromise.

By optimizing the projector placement and settings, we ensure a seamless integration of visual content into any environment, making your creative vision a captivating reality.

Interactive immersive space, with the AP-01 company and the Bonjour studio

Find the perfect projectors for your video mapping

Whether you’re seeking expert advice tailored to your project’s needs or looking to dive deep into the technical aspect, we’ve got you covered.


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