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Empowering your media with reliability

Multi-output media servers perfectly optimized for permanent installations with HeavyM.

HeavyM Media servers
3 Years Warranty, Made in France and Choose France FrenchTech logos

Create exceptional visual Installations with streamlined efficiency

Formidable working tools that give you peace of mind when creating and deploying your projects.


Equipped with the latest components for fantastic performance.


Enjoy a cluster of technology in mini format units!

High reliability

Feel secure! We guarantee that the equipment has been tested and approved in our premises.

A product that adapts to your needs

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In partnership with

HeavyM has teamed up with Waves System, a specialist in audiovisual hardware for over 20 years. Their range of products meets the most advanced reliability and scenario requirements. The company’s know-how is highly recognized by integrators, museum operators and multimedia content agencies. The electronics are assembled and tested in France to guarantee the best quality.

Perfect for permanent installations

Explore diverse project configurations, from live broadcasting to extensive hardware integration, ensuring versatility and reliability.
Lightdrop - HeavyM Server

Booth decoration

3 projectors

Courrir - permanent installation

Storefront animation

1 projector

Immersive space - HeavyM

Immersive space

4 projectors

HeavyM enterprise - permanent installation

Create immersion easily

The Server can be used as a simple broadcast computer. Simply connect the projectors and LED screens, and you are ready to impress your audience.

The small size of the Server makes it easy to transport and to fit into any control room, even when space is limited.

Retail immersive room : Edge-blending with 2 projectors.

Deploy impressive installations

The big strength of the Server is that it can be used as a stand-alone computer with remote control and auto power on/off features.

Leave the Server on site, it takes care of everything. It even restarts automatically during a power outage.

Museum installation : The Server with 4 projectors for the interactive floor.

HeavyM Server - projection mapping floor
HeavyM - drawing tools

Intuitive drawing tools

HeavyM offers intuitive drawing tools for quick and adaptable projection mapping. Choose from ready-made shapes or create complex designs effortlessly. Whether mapping in real-time or from a photo, HeavyM ensures a smooth, tailored experience, making it simpler than ever to realize your vision.

Manage several inputs at the same time

Create walls of images without difficulty. Import all your media into the software, organize them and then broadcast them at the same time. HeavyM is robust to handle your most ambitious projects.
For each media, modify the playback options to obtain the desired result. Put the right content at the right place thanks to the ergonomic drawing tools.

HeavyM software - several inputs
Sequences module - HeavyM 2.10
Timeline module

Organize your project in sequences

The HeavyM sequencer is a must. Organize your project in multiple sequences, combine them with beautiful transitions, activate them whenever you want, or schedule an entire performance with great precision. Create different patterns for each sequence and launch them with one click.

Multi-projection and

If one output is not enough for you, send the HeavyM output to several projectors and LED displays… as many as you want. Merge projectors with edge-blending features to broadcast your creations on a large scale. Create impressive projection mapping with several beamers with a few clicks.

HeavyM - Edge blending

Integrated ready-to-use visual library

Streamline your projection mapping with HeavyM’s vast library of ready-to-use and generative visual effects. Eliminate the need for ground-up creation; our platform automates and simplifies the design process, allowing for endless, effortless customization of your projects.

A Server that fits your needs

Don’t hesitate to contact our team, who will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a precise quote within a few hours.