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Software & hardware

Shop - HeavyM product


Full-featured video mapping software. Several versions available to suit your needs.


Produit HeavyM Server

Media Server

Multi outputs server perfectly optimized for permanent installations with HeavyM.

Quotation on request

HM and projector

HeavyM + projector

Combine the simplicity of HeavyM with the quality of an Optoma projector.

Delivery ONLY in France

Structure kits

HeavyM Shop - Olga kit

1 Olga kit

A magnificent kit with 30 triangular structures to easily create settings for 3D projection mapping.


2 Olga kits

Double the surface area of your projects and impress your audience with this set of 60 triangles!


3 Olga kits

Eliminate limits and see the big picture with this set of 90 triangles! 

Shop - HeavyM - Stak kit

1 Stak kit

Think bigger! Gorgeous set of 12 squares to create impressive and large decoration with ease.


2 Stak kits

Offer even more impressive scenographies by doubling the surface of your Stak structures.


3 Stak kits

Be ready to blow your audience’s mind with large and grandiose scenery.

If you need more kits, please contact us to receive a personalized quote in a few hours.



HeavyM Live + Olga kit

This pack is perfect to get started in video mapping: a lifetime Live license + 1 Olga kit.

Shop - Olga HeavyM pack

HeavyM Pro + Olga kit

Get extra features with this package that includes a lifetime HeavyM Pro license + 1 Olga kit.

Shop - Pack HeavyM Stak

HeavyM Pro + Stak kit

Get our best products to create exceptional shows. Contains a Pro lifetime license + 1 Stak kit.

Videos loops

Digital Flow Pack

15 Full HD video loops

Create amazing visual atmospheres with these premium loops.

Abstract Pack #2

12 Full HD video loops

Enhance your art projects with these high quality assets

Halloween Pack #2

5 Full HD video loops

Create terrifying atmospheres. Thrills guaranteed!

Abstract Pack #1 

10 Full HD video loops

A set of videos perfect for VJing.

HeavyM - Product loops halloween 1

Halloween Pack #1

5 Full HD video loops

Create terrifying atmospheres. Thrills guaranteed!

HeavyM Shop - Product loops christmas

Christmas Pack

5 Full HD video loops

Recreate the magic of Christmas and fill young and old with wonder.

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Improve your events' stage lighting design with projection mapping

Set up impressive stage lighting design for your DJ sets

Projection mapping makes perfect sense in electronic music DJ performances. Although the DJ is static behind the turntables, he is a real conductor who has to give his audience an unforgettable experience. Projection mapping appears to be the perfect solution to get such a result. It makes it possible to bring out a decorative element or a whole scenic design and completely change the atmosphere in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the library of visual effects included within HeavyM, it is now very easy to create varied light effects on stage decorations. Lastly, with the software’s automated sound analysis, the visuals projected will always be in rhythm with the music played live. The result is magic!

HeavyM shop - Live DJ set
HeavyM shop - Yael Naim performance

Create impressive concert lights

Projection mapping works perfectly with DJ performances but not only! More and more music groups of all styles are integrating lighting effects into their stage sets thanks to video mapping. The visuals evolve according to the atmosphere of the concert.

With HeavyM, it is possible to create in advance all the sequences that compose a concert. Thus, thanks to the software’s smart media player, it’s easy to add, depending on the songs, extracts from the band’s video clips.

Build an exciting corporate stage decoration

The corporate world is fond of innovative memorable experiences for its audience during conferences, product launches or corporate evenings. Adding stage lighting design with projection mapping enlightens this type of events and reinforces the brand’s DNA. Corporate events usually have highlight moments where stage decoration is to play a key role.

With HeavyM Live, it is possible to trigger the stage lighting design at a particular moment thanks to MIDI controllers.

HeavyM shop - Kenzo Parfumperformance

Want to try before buying?

Download the free trial version of HeavyM and discover all the software features now.