Olga kit

The triangular structures kit for 3D projection mapping

Designed for 3D projection mapping

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The Olga kit is a set of 30 equilateral triangles to be connected in order to create 3D projection mapping surfaces.

The kit is easy to assemble and re-assemble to create different shapes. Average assembly time: 30 minutes.

Our clients, professionals, and artists, use Olga for stage settings as well as for permanent installations.

Made of M1 fireproof polypropylene, the white material was specially designed to ensure optimal expert rendering of your projections.




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The best 3D projection mapping kit on the market

Launched in 2016, the Olga kit is now a reference for building settings for 3D projection mapping. The simplicity of use combined with the flawless quality of the product make it a best-seller among audiovisual professionals and artists around the world.

3 Olga kits - 3D projection mapping

M1 Fire-resistant

Made of M1 fireproof polypropylene, the kit complies with the safety standards for rooms open to the public. It is also water-resistant and washable.

The Olga kit is 100% made in France and the materials were designed to be durable.


Easy to assemble

The kit can be assembled and disassembled quickly, as many times as you wish, and is adaptable to each project.

Simply assemble the elements with the attachment strips provided. Assembly time: 30 minutes.


Easy to attach

The kit weighs only 2 kg. The attachment points of each triangle make it easy to fasten your structure. 

There are many possible solutions for perfect fitting with the stage setting: hang or screw. 

Many possible uses

Set designs

2 Olga kits - 3D projection mapping

Club installation

2 Olga kits screw in a club’s wall.
Bologna – Italy


Festival decoration

3 Olga kits behind the DJs.
Wuppertal – Germany


Live performance show

8 Olga kits hanged above the artists.
Nantes – France


Bar video mapping - YMCA

Indoor bars/Restaurants

Circle assembly of 2 Olga kits.
New York – USA

Memo exhibition - Olga kits

Office artwork

4 Olga kits for a wahoo effect.
Paris – France

HeavyM Shop - Olga kit

Art galleries / museums

1 Olga kit to sublimate the wall.
Budapest – Hungary

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Carl Vaunac

Carl Vaunac


The Olga and Stak structure kits are incredibly easy to assemble.

What’s more, they’re fireproof and waterproof. You can wash and reuse them dozens of times.

Bruce Lane

Bruce Lane

Audio-Visual performer

I enjoy the plethora of animations available, especially with my Olga kits.

Olga’s triangular shape enables its diverse application in various contexts, with an exceptional visual rendering.

Stépahne Monsieur Nuage

Monsieur Nuage

VJ / Visual Artist

Olga stands out for its practicality, offering modularity and ease of use.

It is easily transportable and its fireproof certification makes it an ideal choice for AV professionals.

Technical specifications

What's in the box?

Olga kit - content of the box

The Olga kit is composed of 30 equilateral triangles divided into 3 elements with 5 triangles, 5 units of 2 triangles, and 5 units of 1 single triangle. The 60 fixation rods are included. A tote bag is offered for easy transportation.

Dimensions and weight

Olga kit - Weight/Height

Olga is available in packs

Take advantage of significant discounts by choosing the packs with several kits.

2 Olga kits

Express delivery anywhere in the world.

pack Olga + HeavyM

Lifetime HeavyM license + 1 Olga kit.

3 Olga kits

Express delivery anywhere in the world.

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Discover more insights in our comprehensive FAQ specifically designed for our structure kits.

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