Stak kit

Gorgeous set of squares to create impressive decoration

A new 3D decoration kit

We are proud to introduce our new product: the Stak kit.
Stak is the result of a year of R&D to offer a product of high quality and extremely easy to use.
Build amazing large scale decors in few minutes and impress your audience.

Discover Stak

The best decor kit in the world

After having sold more than 3500 copies of our first Olga kit, we now offer a larger, simpler and more robust product.

Our team has worked for months to design, test, improve and now launch this new kit that will delight you.

We offer you a top quality material, resistant to fire and rain, easily transportable and simple to assemble!

Stak kit - Product picture

Stak kit

the key features

  • A pack of 12 square shapes
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • The kit weighs only 3kg/7lbs
  • Made of fireproof M1 material
  • Ultra compact as the folded kit is flat

Stak use cases

For all types of projects

The square shapes fit perfectly in all environments and styles. They offer a sleek design but with a strong personality.

Stak allows artists and professionals to unleash their creativity and easily create stage designs, artistic works, permanent installations, and corporate decorations.

Professional stage design

Stage for artistic performance with 3 Stak kits

DJ booth with 4 Stak kits

Corporate decorations

Tradeshow booth with 3 Stak kits

Permanent installation in a casino with 6 kits

Home mapping & small stages

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Stak features

Simple. Elegant. Robust.

Stak’s goal is to allow its users to create impressive decorations very quickly! Assembling multiple kits is a snap and the hanging system is a breeze. It’s unheard of! 

The design of Stak’s square pyramids gives a very aesthetic result regardless of the orientation of the pieces. Its minimalist aspect enhances your visual animations.

Finally, we have chosen a premium material that is fire/water/dust resistant to guarantee a flawless durability over the years.

easy to assemble - stak

Incredibly easy to assemble

One single tie is enough to assemble a panel. Two ties allow you to connect two panels. Stak can be assembled within 15 minutes. It’s never been easier to install a mapping projection surface.

Moreover, its square shapes allow for better technical modeling ahead of the project. 

Create impressive sets

Stak is composed of 12 square panels (50x50cm/1.6×1.6ft ). These large panels allow you to cover extended surfaces.

The kit’s dimensions are impressive, as it is over twice as big as our previously released Olga kit. You will be able to express your creativity fully, especially in larger spaces.

Scenic design - Stak kits
Stak kit - elephant design

Exceptional visual effects

Stak is the ideal kit for projection mapping projects. These square panels made up of triangles are very easy to draw and design on using HeavyM. 

Moreover, the software’s ready to use effects work wonderfully on geometrical shapes.

A remarkable fireproof material

Made of fireproof M1 polypropylene, this kit respects all safety regulations relative to public spaces. This white material was designed with optimal results in mind.

Stak is 100% made in France and produced in factories that are known for the quality of their work and their excellent work conditions.

stak kit - remarquable material
Stak kit - Hanged installation

Light as a feather

Each square’s fixing points make it easy to attach your structure to the wall. Several solutions are available to adapt to each space and its specific features.

The entire kits weighs only 3kg / 7lbs, which means any wall will easily be able to support it.

An eco-friendly kit

With Stak, no more decorations that end up in the trash at the end of the event, thus considerably reducing your carbon impact because no raw materials are consumed.

By reusing the kit, you save on design and production costs, and you help get closer to the “zero waste” approach that is so important today.

Close up kit
Ultra compact stak kit

Ultra compact for easy carrying

What is remarkable about Stak is that when mounted the kit is 10cm/4in thick, but when folded, it is completely flat. It is only 1mm/0.04in thin.

Transporting decorations will no longer be a problem for you

What's different between Olga and Stak?

Many of you have already purchased Olga, our very first kit. We’ve kept all its best features and have improved the products thanks to your feedback.

Stak is much larger than Olga, which is extremely convinient for larger stages and surfaces (see diagram below).

Its square shape means the conception and creation stages are simpler. This allows you to save a lot of time while planning your project.

Assembly and installation of the kit is faster.

Size comparison between 3 Olga and 3 Stak kits

The drawings below show a tremendous gap in size. As you can see, Stak is ideal for bigger and larger projects.

Need More Information?

Discover more insights in our comprehensive FAQ specifically designed for our structure kits.