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HeavyM Demo

Of course it is! No credit card required.

There’s no time limit. You can use the trial version for as long as you like.

All software features are included! However, you cannot save or load a project.
Our logo also appears regularly on the video output.

It’s truly a straightforward process. Simply navigate to the HeavyM Demo page, input your email address, and the software will be promptly delivered to your inbox!

No internet connection is needed for ongoing use of the software. However, when you initially purchase a paid version, an internet connection is required for the first run to activate your license. This ensures your product is properly registered for use.

There’s no difference in terms of performance and usability. The Demo version is exactly the same as the paid versions.

No, because the Save feature is not included on the Demo. 

Upon purchasing a premium version, you’ll be provided with a license key through email. This key allows you to access your online license manager. In this portal, you’ll have the ability to download the paid versions of our software. For a seamless transition, we recommend uninstalling the Demo version prior to the installation of the new one to avoid any potential conflicts.

Order & billing

We offer our customers a wide choice of Credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payments Bank transfer, checks, or money orders. Transactions are secured by our partner Fastspring.

Yes, students and instructors receive a 30% discount at any time of the year. All information on this page.

Immediately after payment, you’ll receive an email with your invoice and license key. All instructions are included to help you activate your license.

With a monthly license, as long as you maintain your subscription, you’ll have continuous access to all software updates at no additional cost.
For lifetime licenses, we provide a full year of free updates from the date of purchase. After this initial year, you can choose to extend your access to new updates with our “1 Year of Updates” option. For more detailed information, kindly refer to this link.

With HeavyM Live licenses, only 1 computer can be linked.
With HeavyM Pro and Pro+ licenses, 2 computers can be linked simultaneous.

Switching from a monthly to a lifetime plan isn’t an automatic process. Please reach out to us to discuss the optimal solution.

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade to a higher version by only paying the difference. All the details can be found on the dedicated page.

To cancel your monthly subscription, you simply need to navigate to your online license manager. Follow the steps in the “Billing Info” section, with the procedure taking place on our partner Fastspring’s site. If you have any questions, please contact us.

To get a quote, initiate your order and select “wire transfer” for payment. You’ll then receive a proforma invoice which serves as a quote. This isn’t an invoice, but should you agree with the quote, you can proceed with payment directly.

Manage your license

You can consult all the information related to your license from your license manager. There, you’ll find, for instance, details about your subscription, linked devices and billing info.

You can consult the list of linked devices on your license manager.
You can release a license from a computer and link it to another as you wish, following the unlink process described in this tutorial.

No problem! Go to the license manager access page and click on “Can’t find license key or looking for the login system?”. Enter your email address and you will immediately receive the license key(s) associated with your account by email. If the problem persists, write to us here.

If you have a Lifetime license and your year of updates access has expired, you can still use the software, but you won’t be able to install any of the new updates that are released until you renew your access.

To keep receiving updates, click ‘+1 year of updates‘ directly in your license manager. This year will be added to the current license.

The Auto-renew process will renew your subscription on your behalf before your current subscription term expires, so that there is no license interruption.

If you wish to deactivate it, head over to your license manager and click on “View billing details”. You’ll be redirected to a platform where you’ll be able to manage your payment details.

It’s not possible to do this on your own. Write to us here and we will do it for you!

You will be able to use the license until the end of your subscription period. After that, you won’t be able to open the software and you will need to reinstall the free “Demo” version of the software.

To do this, please contact us as the process isn’t automatic. We need to stop the subscription and then convert the license. We can deduct up to two months of the subscription towards the cost of the upgrade.

Absolutely. All the previous versions of HeavyM 2 and the latest version of HeavyM 1 (11.5) are available for free download from your license manager.

Learn the software

A technical help center is at your disposal, brimming with high-quality, free resources to guide you through your HeavyM experience! Dive into detailed tutorials embellished with photos and videos, and engage in our user forum for added support.

Olga / Stak kits

It is polypropylene. We added several treatments to make it light and fire/water/dust resistant. Our kits are therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use!

No it is not possible. Olga’s triangles are 32cm/1ft long, while Stak’s sides are 50cm-1.6ft long. So there is no way to combine them together.

We ship the product anywhere in the world. It takes a maximum of 5 days to be delivered.

They are light as a feather. The entire Stak kit weighs only 3kg/7lbs, and Olga is about 2kg/4.5lbs, which means any wall will easily be able to support it.

Made of fireproof M1 polypropylene, this kit respects all safety regulations relative to public spaces. This white material was designed with optimal results in mind.

Olga/Stak are the products of collaboration between the HeavyM and Double Face teams. Double Face is a design studio based in Nantes, France.

This co-creation was born from a shared desire to simplify setting design for projection mapping. Emphasis was placed on modularity. Therefore, the capacity to reuse the kits on several installations provides the possibility of multiple variations in decoration and reduces the cost of producing 3D projection mapping. 

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out to us directly with any other questions or concerns you may have. We’re committed to ensuring your HeavyM experience is as smooth as possible.


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