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HeavyM software

Projection mapping software to create stunning visual stage designs and installations at the speed of light.

HeavyM software - interface - building projection mapping

Projection mapping made easy: quick start, stunning results

Our user-friendly software empowers you to craft powerful visuals effortlessly with just a few clicks. Perfect for dynamic, on-the-fly projections : Drag, Drop, and Dazzle !

Intuitive drawing tools

HeavyM offers intuitive drawing tools for quick and adaptable projection mapping. Choose from ready-made shapes or create complex designs effortlessly. Whether mapping in real-time or from a photo, HeavyM ensures a smooth, tailored experience, making it simpler than ever to realize your vision.
HeavyM - drawing tools

Automatic visual effect generator for projection mapping NEW

Turn your brightest ideas into outstanding visual experiences thanks to the largest and most complete library of visual effects on the market. There are more than 1,000 potential combinations. No rendering time to break the creativity. You build your show in a fluid and consistent way.

Integrated ready-to-use visual library

Streamline your projection mapping with HeavyM’s vast library of ready-to-use and generative visual effects. Eliminate the need for ground-up creation; our platform automates and simplifies the design process, allowing for endless, effortless customization of your projects.

Analyse Audio - HeavyM 2.10

Sync your visuals to music with beat-reactive effects

Elevate your projection mapping with HeavyM’s sound analysis feature, allowing effects to pulse with the beat. Create dynamic, beat-reactive visuals that adapt seamlessly to the atmosphere, enhancing every performance or installation.

Automatic adjustment of all your contents

Import your videos, images and gifs directly into the software. HeavyM supports a wide range of formats. In one click, the software will perfectly adapt your content to the setting you want to map. No preparation of the media is necessary beforehand. The process is fast and does not require any technical skills. Magic! 

HeavyM - video contents
HeavyM is available in 3 differents offers: Live, Pro and Pro+. Discover the features and the services included in each offer.

Tailor-made for artists, music performers and A/V profesionnals

Already +80,000 users Worldwide

Artistic installation

Mapping on graffiti

Interactive animation

Visuals that react to sensors

Stage decoration

DJ booth design

Corporate shows

Launch products conference

HeavyM Logiciel vidéo mapping

Permanent installation

Walls in a bar

Building mapping

A 6 floors building projection

Romain Grd

Romain Grd

Techno Party VJ

The perfect software to discover and understand the basics of video mapping.

Quick learning, easy handling, immediate results. The software is constantly evolving to meet all my upcoming needs.

Arthur Devilliers

Arthur Devillers

Technical Director

The audio reactivity, MIDI control, and the ease of setup make HeavyM an essential tool for audiovisual installations!

Its intuitiveness truly makes it stand out. I absolutely love it

Paul Vivien

Paul Vivien

Digital Artist

Map everything you want, get HeavyM and a beamer and let your creativity flow. The possibilities are endless.

You can make a solid projection mapping composition in a few minutes.

HeavyM has all the features you need

Projection mapping software available on

HeavyM software - several inputs

Manage several inputs at the same time

Create walls of images without difficulty. Import all your media into the software, organize them and then broadcast them at the same time. HeavyM is robust to handle your most ambitious projects.
For each media, modify the playback options to obtain the desired result. Put the right content at the right place thanks to the ergonomic drawing tools.

Handle without constraints

Sometimes you need to adapt your video to a 3D volume. Don’t spend hours and hours creating a video that fits perfectly on your volume. Instead, use HeavyM’s built-in warping tools to warp your video on the fly to fit your set or object. You’ll never think about projection the same way after you start using it. 

HeavyM - Warping
Sequences module - HeavyM 2.10
Timeline module

Organize your project in sequences

The HeavyM sequencer is a must. Organize your project in multiple sequences, combine them with beautiful transitions, activate them whenever you want, or schedule an entire performance with great precision. Create different patterns for each sequence and launch them with one click.

Add live video streams to your performances

The software is compatible with Syphon/Spout/NDI to allow you to stream the output of HeavyM to other visuals programs such as OBS or Resolume.

Of course you can also stream the outputs of various compatible software into HeavyM. Multiply the graphic possibilities of your video jockey tools by combining them without limits. 

HeavyM software - Syphon/Spout
HeavyM - Edge blending

Multi-projection and

If one output is not enough for you, send the HeavyM output to several projectors and LED displays… as many as you want. Merge projectors with edge-blending features to broadcast your creations on a large scale. Create impressive projection mapping with several beamers with a few clicks.

Only with HeavyM Pro and Pro+

MIDI/OSC/DMX controls

HeavyM software can be controlled live via different protocols: MIDI/OSC/DMX. Setting up the link to external controllers is done in a few clicks thanks to the interface-learning configuration. It only takes a few clicks to connect a tablet, a smartphone or a light console to your software for visuals.

You can control the triggering of an effect or a sequence more easily than with a mouse. Your chow becomes a live performance.

Only with HeavyM Pro and Pro+
HeavyM Software - MIDI OSC
HeavyM - Video export

Export your creations to video files

You want to run a permanent installation without leaving a computer on site? Simply export your project to a video file and place it in a media player. HeavyM can export high-quality .mov movie files, compatible with the most popular devices.

Only with HeavyM Pro+

Enhanced Automation for Effortless Creations

With HeavyM Pro+, we elevate user convenience to a whole new level. You have the ability to automate HeavyM to launch directly upon your computer startup, eliminating the need for manual initiation.

You can also set a specific project to open automatically at HeavyM’s startup, saving both time and effort. Furthermore, you can choose to have either the Timeline or Autopilot play automatically after your project loads.

Only with HeavyM Pro+
HM 2.11 - Pro+ features

Unleash full potential with a dedicated Server

The Server hardware is your compact yet robust ally in delivering high-performance visuals. Harness the power of the latest components packed in a unit that’s designed for portability. It’s an optimal solution for projects ranging from live shows to synchronized multi-hardware installations.

With features such as remote control, automatic power on/off, and auto-restart during power outages, you can rely on the Server for seamless and impressive visual experiences.

Compare features​

HeavyM is available in 3 different offers: Live, Pro and Pro+.

Discover the features and the services included in each offer.

LivePro Pro+ Pro+
Creative Features
Intuitive drawing tools
Unlimited faces and players
Integrated visual effects
Blend Modes
Media playlists
Sequencer with transitions
Music reactivity
Timeline module-
Input / Output
Number of outputs1UnlimitedUnlimited
Max resolution1920x1200px (WUXGA)UnlimitedUnlimited
Media handling in input
Syphon (macOs) / Spout (Windows)
NDI input / output-
Video export--
Project startup automation--
Remote project modification--
Dedicated media server: HeavyM Server--In option
Keyboard controls
MIDI controls
OSC controls-
DMX input via Art-Net-
Community Forum
Chat with technical specialist--

Go ahead and try the demo version of HeavyM for free. Or opt for a paid version to have no limitations.

HeavyM is a multiple award-winning software

Product details

System requirements

Operating system

Windows: 8, 10 and 11 (64 bits)

macOS: From 10.15 to now

HeavyM 2 is fully compatible with Apple M1, M2 chips by using the Rosetta 2 program with no process delay and great performances.


Intel Core I5 2.30GHz, 4 Cores
4GB of RAM
Integrated Intel chip or dedicated graphics card (Nvidia / AMD) with 2GB of VRAM
500MB of free disk space


Intel Core I5 2.30GHz, 4 Cores
8GB of RAM
NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD RX580 / M1 (for Mac) or better
500MB of free disk space

Technical specifications

Video/photo format

mp4, mov, png, jpeg

Video codecs

AppleProRes, H264, H265

Control protocols

MIDI, OSC, Keyboard

Compatible with all displays

HeavyM is compatible with all VGA, DVI and HDMI projectors. You can also use any LED screens.

HeavyM software - projector _ LED screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, all models are compatible. If your projector works with your computer, then it will work with HeavyM, too. In fact, the software simply gets the information provided by Windows and macOS.

Yes! To help you make your choice you are offered a demo of HeavyM Pro+. In this Trial mode, you’ll get a watermark on the output, and the save/load is disable, but all the features of HeavyM are unlocked, so you can discover them and test the full potential of the software.

Absolutely not! No credit card needed. We just need an email address to send you the download link. We’ll never share your email address!

HeavyM is the most easy-to-use video mapping software on the market. You will love to create your wildest ideas without difficulty. Finally, by choosing HeavyM, you join a community of more than 80,000 users worldwide.

We have created free learning materials suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Just after downloading, you will receive an explanatory video to teach you all the basics of the software.

Yes, students and instructors receive a 30% discount at any time of the year. All information on this page.

In need of more details? Our full FAQ section is only a click away. Find all the insights you might need about HeavyM to ensure a seamless experience. Remember, we’re here to support you!


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