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HeavyM is a game changer
for projection mapping

A plug & play solution: Turn on your projector, Create and Amaze your audience!
No technical settings required for our projection mapping software.

Projection mapping software - ergonomic

Projection mapping made easy

HeavyM was designed by expert designers and has worldwide acclaim for its simplicity. Trying it means liking it instantly!

Projection mapping software - create

Create your projects at the speed of light

Creating your video projections is an extremely smooth process. Perform seemingly complex actions in record time and without stress.


Enjoy a high level of reliability

The software embeds the latest technologies for high performance. Produce mappings with peace of mind with a reliable and robust product.

HeavyM is a projection mapping software with a wide range of tools to deal with any situation: Integrated visual library, music reactivity, edge-blending, MIDI, NDI, …

A projection mapping software suitable for all projects

HeavyM is used in various fields: Artistic installations, interactive animations, Stage decoration, corporate shows, Building mapping.

Join the 80.000 HeavyM users across the world

Artists and events industry professionals highly appreciate the creative possibilities and reliability provided by our projection mapping software.

Projection mapping software - Astouric

I’ve never seen mapping software so easy to use.

I don’t worry about the technical aspects anymore, I stay focused on the creative parts!

Romain A.

Visual Artist

Projection mapping software - Carru

The library of visuals integrated into the software is real must! I save time.

The possibility of importing your media allows you to get rapid execution and total control in a few minutes.

Olivier C.

Motion designer

Eva Williams - jounalist

This software is simply impressive with a smooth learning curve!

The best thing is that it has a set of pro-level features, including edge-blending and warping tools. – Read more.

Eva Williams

Journalist for fixthephoto.com

Combine HeavyM with our gorgeous decoration kits

Olga kit

The perfect solution for small stage design

Launched in 2016, the Olga kit is now a reference for building settings for 3D projection mapping. The simplicity of use combined with the flawless quality of the product make it a best-seller among audiovisual professionals and artists around the world.

Stak kit

Build amazing large scale decors!

Think bigger! With the Stak kits, offer your audience impressive, large-scale decorations. Even easier to assemble and hang than the Olga kits, you’ll love creating with these squares.

Get HeavyM, the easiest to use projection mapping software in the world

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