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Projection mapping software to create
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Projection mapping software - HeavyM interface

HeavyM: transforming complex projection mapping into simple creativity

Explore HeavyM’s powerful projection mapping toolkit: a rich visual library, music sync, edge-blending, and more. Elevate your visuals, discover our standout features now.

Projection mapping software - ergonomic

Projection mapping made easy

HeavyM was designed by expert designers and has worldwide acclaim for its simplicity. Trying it means liking it instantly!

Projection mapping software - create

Create your projects at the speed of light

Creating your video projections is an extremely smooth process. Perform seemingly complex actions in record time and without stress.


Enjoy a high level of reliability

The software embeds the latest technologies for high performance. Produce mappings with peace of mind with a reliable product.

HeavyM is a projection mapping software with a wide range of tools to deal with any situation: Integrated visual library, music reactivity, edge-blending, MIDI, NDI, …

Plans & pricing

Billed monthly
Cancel at any time
Monthly Lifetime Billed only once
1 year of updates incl.

HeavyM Live

Essential features at a cost-effective price – Perfect for live performances and artistic endeavors

HeavyM Pro

Advanced features tailored for audiovisual professionals who are dedicated to crafting ambitious, large-scale projects.

HeavyM Pro+

All the features needed to deploy permanent installations with ease and premium technical support.

Projection mapping software - Interface HeavyM sequences

Choose HeavyM: A risk-free purchase, guaranteed!

100% satisfaction guarantee or get your money back

If HeavyM doesn't meet your needs, we ensure a full refund if you reach out to us within 48 hours of purchase.

Immediate & secure licencing

Right after purchasing HeavyM software, you will immediately receive a unique licence key directly in your inbox.

Projection mapping made easy: quick start, stunning results

Our user-friendly software empowers you to craft powerful visuals effortlessly with just a few clicks. Perfect for dynamic, on-the-fly projections : Drag, Drop, and Dazzle !

Automatic visual effect generator for projection mapping NEW

Turn your brightest ideas into outstanding visual experiences thanks to the largest and most complete library of visual effects on the market. There are more than 1,000 potential combinations, which leaves endless room for customizing your projection mapping. All the tests and changes you make are visible live. No rendering time to break the creativity. You build your show in a fluid and consistent way.

Integrated ready-to-use visual library

Streamline your projection mapping with HeavyM’s vast library of ready-to-use and generative visual effects. Eliminate the need for ground-up creation; our platform automates and simplifies the design process, allowing for endless, effortless customization of your projects.

Analyse Audio - HeavyM 2.10

Sync your visuals to music with beat-reactive effects

Elevate your projection mapping with HeavyM’s sound analysis feature, allowing effects to pulse with the beat. Create dynamic, beat-reactive visuals that adapt seamlessly to the atmosphere, enhancing every performance or installation.

HeavyM is available in 3 differents offers: Live, Pro and Pro+. Discover the features and the services included in each offer.

Join 80,000 Users Empowered by HeavyM

HeavyM has simplified video mapping for thousands of artists and professionals with its exceptional ease of use, making complex projects accessible to all.

Alan Aaron

HeavyM’s user-friendly software enables instant fun and effortless visual-music sync, courtesy of Ableton-optimized beatmatching.

Their competent, rapid support team is an invaluable asset for timely performance design.

Alan Aaron

Music Performer

Malo Lacroix

HeavyM is super intuitive, perfect for my precise, narrative-driven live experiences.

The drag-and-drop features make set-up quick, even on the fly. It’s a user-friendly tool that’s great for creating rapid, impactful visual effects.

Malo Lacroix

Visual artist 

Eva Williams - jounalist

With its user-friendly design, HeavyM software is impressively simple and comprehensive, as well.-.

It boasts pro-level features like edge-blending and warping tools, truly setting a new standard in projection mapping. – Read in details.

Eva Williams

Journalist for fixthephoto.com

HeavyM is a multiple award-winning software

Combine HeavyM with our gorgeous decoration kits

Olga kit

The perfect solution for small stage design

Launched in 2016, the Olga kit is now a reference for building settings for 3D projection mapping. The simplicity of use combined with the flawless quality of the product make it a best-seller among audiovisual professionals and artists around the world.

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Stak kit

Build amazing large scale decors!

Think bigger! With the Stak kits, offer your audience impressive, large-scale decorations. Even easier to assemble and hang than the Olga kits, you’ll love creating with these squares.

Projection mapping software - Interface HeavyM sequences

Get HeavyM, the easiest to use projection mapping software in the world