HeavyM 2.12 update

Push your creative boundaries!

Version 2.12 is a creativity-filled new update from the HeavyM Team. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user, this update is here to help you jump-start your projects or generate visuals you’ve never thought of. Try the Random function and Presets to amplify your creativity.
Pro+ users, we’ve improved the precision and speed of video export and added a few bonuses related to audio integration in the export. Enjoy!

Find new ways to get creative

Dive into built-in Magic with "Presets"

Unveiling our brand-new “Preset” feature! Dive into a curated collection of HeavyM effects, pre-configured and ready to roll. Whether you’re looking to save time or seeking a robust starting point to customize, our presets are your ticket to instant creativity.

Craft Your Signature Style: Custom Presets

Beyond the built-in HeavyM presets, design your own tailored combinations. Think of presets as your color palette, storing your finest effect blends. Saved in a dedicated folder on your computer, these presets can be seamlessly integrated across all your projects, ensuring your signature touch is always within reach.

HeavyM save presets

Unleash Spontaneity with the "Random" Feature

Introducing the game-changing “Random” function. Generate unexpected, dynamic effects by combining multiple random elements. Perfect for those moments when you want a fresh visual in mere seconds. Whether you’re working with group effects or shaders, let serendipity be your guide.

HeavyM random function

Pro Sequencer & Timeline Upgrades: Precision Meets Flexibility

Dive into the enhanced features exclusive to our Pro and Pro+ versions. Offset the start of your audio on the Timeline for unmatched flexibility and precision. Video exports have been elevated, now integrating audio from sequences and incorporating audio analysis from timeline and sequences audio files.

Full release notes

New features

  • Added a Presets system on Groups: quickly load a set of parameter values that you had previously saved, in any HeavyM project. They are available on Group effects, Group properties and Groups. Learn more here.
  • Added more than 50 built-in Group presets, curated by the HeavyM team.
  • Added a Presets system on Shaders: shader presets are available on all types of shaders (Player shaders, Group shaders, Source shaders, Master shaders, Transitions)
  • Added a “Random” function on Group effects: quickly generate new effect values and combinations
  • Added a “Random” function on Shaders: quickly generate new parameter values
  • Added the possibility to set the start timestamp of the audio file on the Timeline instead of it always having to begin at 00:00 (Pro)
  • Integrated user presets from the presets contest in HeavyM: Acid Form Delay by WSPAY_Visuals, Kite by Philippe Buttani, Halftone Pulse/Blue, Green, Orange, Original, Purple & Red by Jacob Mesick, Echo by Jacob Mesick, Ember Flame by Jacob Mesick & Let’s Try This Again by Chris Kieffer. Thanks everyone for participating! (2.12.4)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a display issue that would cause some menus and lists not to appear. This could happen on high-resolution displays or certain values of zoom on Windows.
  • Fixed a display issue where shapes could be misplaced in the Canvas (not in the Output). This could happen on some high-resolution configurations with external displays.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a delay in video rendering that increased over time in video export files
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the video export to stall for a long time on a specific step
  • Fixed a crash that could happen with Audio Analysis
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when loading a project with Medias
  • Fixed an OSC issue that could sometime cause a crash at startup
  • Fixed an issue that could cause random HeavyM popup windows to appear at startup on MacOS
  • Fixed an issue that could make it difficult to drag & drop items in the Layers list
  • Fixed an issue that caused projects to be marked as “without unsaved changes” even after changes in the Output Setup module
  • Fixed the update of the audio waveform on the Timeline after editing the Timeline length
  • Fixed a locale issue in some input fields. Depending on the region, the display of points and commas could be inconsistent.
  • Fixed the wording of video export steps to correctly reflect cue progress
  • Fixed an issue where Controls assignments on a Color – Gradient motion parameter could also affect parameters of other gradient motions
  • Removed a few incorrect messages in OSC feedback
  • Fixed a longstanding issue on video playback, that caused a mini-freeze of videos just before looping in certain formats/codecs and machines (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a rare Output Setup crash (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen after undoing a “Delete Group” action (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a crash at close-up that happened on Mac. It was not dangerous but would trigger unwanted warning popups from HeavyM and MacOS. (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a beta bug that prevented some projects created with previous versions from being loaded (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a beta freeze that could occur when deleting a sequence while Autopilot is On (2.12.1)
  • Fixed an issue that caused inactive Play cues on the Timeline (cues targeting deleted of draft sequences) to be included in video export (Pro+) (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a blink on the Line group effect (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Shader effects on Players to not work when the Player is pinned to all four corners of the Canvas (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Players to be impossible to Hide when they are pinned to all four corners of the Canvas (2.12.1)
  • Fixed an improper load of some LFO modes when applying presets (2.12.1)
  • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity when overwriting presets names (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Group Presets menu not to close properly (2.12.1)
  • Fixed undo/redo in “Manage Presets” windows (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong default color in the Color effect panel (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an improper update of the settings panel of a shader or group effects after using the Random function (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the settings window of a Source to be cropped on lower resolutions (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented folder names from being removed from presets names (2.12.1)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in projects with Center coordinates assignments, due to the incorrect naming of messages (this fix unfortunately causes Center assignments to be lost in previously saved projects) (2.12.2)
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when deleting a Map (2.12.2)
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when loading a project with a missing Text media (2.12.2)
  • Fixed a freeze that could happen when transferring a Player to a new group (2.12.2)
  • Fixed a potential crash after undoing player transfer between group (2.12.2)
  • Fixed the font size parameter of Text medias (2.12.2)
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Maps to be omitted when trying to import a high number of Maps at once (2.12.2)
  • Fixed various instances of Group Effects parameters not being shared properly in different effects of the same tab (2.12.2)
  • Fixed the initialization of the shape counter at project load (2.12.2)
  • Fixed the initialization of the UI of Color – Random after File -> New (2.12.2)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Paste” item to appear even though there is nothing to paste in the Sequencer (2.12.2)
  • Fixed multiple video playback-related bugs, including performances issues and crashes (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after using undo/redo after a preset selection on a player shader (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after using undo/redo after the addition of a shader effect (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a crash and rendering issue that could happen with hidden groups (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect rendering of shader color opacity on groups containing only players (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect rendering of group opacity on groups containing only players (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a lag when changing the Source assigned to a player (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that showed a black frame between sequences with no transition (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused sliders in the Output Setup to be stuck on integer values instead of allowing floats (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Output Setup parameters to disappear after changing the number of warping subdivisions while a point is selected (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that showed incorrect screen corner coordinates in the Output Setup (when you’d go back and forth between Perspective and Linear warping type) (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect rendering and update of the Properties panel after undoing a Map deletion (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some Controls assignments on Source shaders to be lost at reload (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the audio from a sequence to keep running even if the sequence is not playing anymore (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused videos added via drag & drop to the Edited sequence to play even if the output was in blackout (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause video export to malfunction when using the “Start at:” option on Timeline audio (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that bypassed “Restart with Sequence” in the video export rendering (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that showed “Restart with Sequence” as disabled in playlists with Skip playback mode, at project reload (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that caused that blocked the import of multiple Media files at once in the Source panel (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug that could show the wrong Source screenshot in the Slice Selector (2.12.3)
  • Fixed a bug in 2.12.3 that caused saved projects with shaders on players to crash at reload (2.12.4)
  • Fixed a bug that could make confusing warnings appear in the Output Setup after project load (2.12.4)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the build-in microphone on macOS to be unusable as an input source for Audio Analysis (2.12.5)
  • Fixed an issue that made the Timeline not trigger any cue the first time it is started (2.12.5)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a survey popup window (2.12.6)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when starting the in-app tutorial (2.12.7)
  • Fixed several rendering bugs involving hidden layers (2.12.8)


  • Audio analysis performed on Timeline & Sequences audio files is now reflected precisely in the rendering in video exports (Pro+)
  • Audio files added to Sequences are now included in video exports (Pro+)
  • Added a quick “draft” option in the right-click menu of sequences
  • Added lower LFO speed values – down to 1/64 for tempo and 0.01 for speed
  • Improved performances of rendering in some situations where multiple groups are used
  • Regrouped all group effects in the same panel to get a global view and quicker browsing 
  • Improved the UI of Screen points interactions in the Output Setup
  • Tempo changes due to the use of the Tap feature are now correctly reflected in OSC feedback
  • Prevented the Incoming and Outgoing ports in OSC from having the same value, as it could create an infinite feedback loop
  • Prevented Keyboard letter assignments from being triggered when the user is editing a text field
  • Changed the location of the HeavyM directory on MacOS (containing Shaders, Presets, Exports & Logs) to make it easier to reach. It is now in “Documents”.
  • Added a button in Edit -> Preferences… -> General to reset all user warnings (like “Don’t show again” messages)
  • Implemented Undo / Redo actions on all Group Effects parameters (2.12.1)
  • Added more than 20 new built-in HeavyM presets for Groups (2.12.1)
  • Most parameters now support float values instead of integers only (when possible), with a precision up to two decimals (2.12.1)
  • Improved the performances of Audio Analysis (2.12.1)
  • Keyboard Controls assignments are not triggered anymore when you are simply trying to edit the value of a parameter in a spinbox (2.12.1)
  • Added feedback to the OSC message “/sources/[n]/medias/[n]/trigger” (2.12.1)
  • Changed the conditions of the Random function a bit, in order to limit the possibility of multiple LFOs with high speeds at the same time (2.12.1)
  • Folder names are taken into account for alphabetical sorting in “Manage Presets” windows (2.12.1)
  • After applying a preset, the settings window of a shader now stays open (2.12.1)
  • The Welcome Window is now included in the “Reset all warnings & tips” function (2.12.1)
  • Updated the in-app tutorial to include Group Effects presets (2.12.1)
  • Added OSC messages to control the Center coordinates of a specific Face (2.12.2)
  • BPM and LFO clocks are “Resynced” when restarting the Timeline (2.12.2)
  • Reworked the opacity blending of Group shaders (shaders like Blur had an incorrect rendering) (2.12.2)
  • Changed the behavior of some shader parameter inputs (you had to click twice to enter some spinboxes) (2.12.2)
  • Undo/redo now changes the tab view in the Group Effects panel according to changes (2.12.2)
  • Added the possibility to enable/disable the feedback when using a MIDI device. When loopMIDI is used, feedback is automatically disabled as it causes infinite loop issues. (2.12.3)
  • HeavyM now remembers the last open folder for Media import in the Source panel during a session. By default the Documents folder is opened at the start of each session. (2.12.3)

Known issues

A crash can happen on MacOS Catalina if a screen is plugged/unplugged while an output window is already open – Please update to at least Big Sur if possible!