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Light up artistic stage designs with perfect harmony

Ignite your artistic stage designs with HeavyM. Our free projection mapping software intuitively syncs visuals with live music, ensuring seamless harmony and captivating audiences. From concerts to theatre productions, create memorable performances that sync sight and sound beautifully. Let HeavyM guide your creative journey towards stunning stage designs.

Kenzo stage performance - HeavyM visuals

Transform corporate stages into visual masterpieces

Elevate corporate events with HeavyM, crafting stunning visuals that captivate audiences. Ideal for stage designs, our software transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. For an optional boost, the Olga Kit enables rapid creation of impressive scenic decorations. Make your next corporate event a visual masterpiece with HeavyM.

Create epic shows in unusual places

Who’s never been simply in awe when discovering a truly mesmerizing yet unexpected spot? No one! And who’s never had their eyes full of wonders when they saw this same place filled with enchanting visuals and beautiful images? Even fewer people! That is what HeavyM Demo, the free projection mapping software can offer! Equip yourself with projectors, download the demo and bring your imagination to life in superb spots!

Music visual - Cover article
Free projection mapping mapping - classroom heavym

Design immersive installations with this free projection mapping software

Elevate your immersive room experience with HeavyM’s free projection mapping software. Easily design stunning visuals that truly captivate. Take advantage of the HeavyM Server, our complementary product, to effortlessly deploy your masterpieces. Start your journey into boundless creativity with HeavyM.

Incredible projects are made every day with HeavyM. See more projects.

HeavyM Demo is powerful, easy-to-use and ... FREE!

Easy to perfectly draw your mapping.
Easy to create epic animations in seconds.
Easy to dazzle your audience forever.

Create any shapes with the intuitive drawing tools

HeavyM’s drawing and creative tools provide all you need to transform space wherever your imagination leads you. Easily adapt your mapping to the events where you perform. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to set up projections anywhere. Use preset shapes and save time or feel free to create your own shapes. It’s quick and easy!

  • Bézier curves to draw without limits
  • Masks available on each layer
  • Advanced shapes manipulations
HeavyM - drawing tools
HeavyM - Library efffects

The world's largest projection mapping effects library is yours

Turn your brightest ideas into outstanding visual experiences thanks to the largest and most complete library of visual effects on the market. There are more than 1,000 potential combinations, which leaves endless room for customization. HeavyM is the projection mapping software that has the most ready-to-use content in the world.

  • Huge library of ready-to-use effects
  • Animate effects with automatic dimmers
  • Import your own shader effects

Ultra-smooth content playback to boost your ideas

Thanks to HeavyM’s smart media player, import your videos, images or even webcam streams directly in the software. It will perfectly project your content to create sensational visual experiences.

HeavyM Live is compatible with Syphon and Spout to exchange video streams between applications.

  • Powerful & smooth media playback
  • Manage media, shaders, streams as playlists
  • Additional control settings for sources
HeavyM - video contents

Join over 80,000 happy users

VJ Tekyes


VJ – Dubai

HeavyM provides me with customizable shapes and patterns for striking visuals.

Its intuitive drawing tools and easy-to-use interface allow for fast results, making it the simplest projection mapping software I’ve used.

Jade Hidden

Jade Hidden

Artist – Belgium

A great software for quickly and simply creating animations on structures or stage designs.

The interface is designed for everyone, making it perfect for those starting out in the art of visual stage design.

Antoine Bahaud

Antoine Bahuaud

VJ and Light Operator – France

HeavyM excels with its flexible licensing and the ability to quickly create impressive scenes.

Its month-based license is ideal for those managing one or two annual projects, providing unparalleled convenience.

HeavyM has all the features you need for a free projection mapping software

Whether you are an artist or a professional, HeavyM’s features can be adapted to your needs.

Free projection mapping software - ergonomic icon

User-friendly interface

Made by expert designers, HeavyM is acclaimed worldwide for its ease of use and speed, thanks to its flawless interface.

Free projection mapping software - Tools icon

Creation tools

The integrated drawing tools are now extremely numerous. Use the pre-made shapes or create your own in just a few clicks.

Free projection mapping software - Effects icon

Visual effects library

Choose and customize your visual effects from a large library already included in the HeavyM. Everything is done live, no rendering time!

Content management icon

External contents

Import all your content to customize your projects. HeavyM accepts all types of files: photos, videos, gifs, shaders, streams.

Free projection mapping software - Syphon Spout icon

Syphon / Spout

Exchange real-time video streams with other AV software. Increase your creative possibilities with these powerful and robust protocols.

HeavyM Sequencer icon

Powerful sequencer

Organize your project into different sequences. Prepare your project in advance and tie it all together with beautiful integrated transitions.

Free projection mapping software - warping icon

Warping tool

Feel free to project your content on any surface, even the most complex ones. Thanks to this tool, perfectly fit your media on 3D objects.

HeavyM - Sound reactivity icon

Sound synchronisation

Automatically synchronize live music with your mapping. Choose which effects are reactive with sound and build a perfect show.

Free projection mapping software - MIDI icon

MIDI control

Connect your MIDI instruments to HeavyM for precise control of the software. Be free and unrestricted in your live performances!

Product details

Projection mapping software - HeavyM software interface

System requirements

Operating system

Windows: 8, 10 and 11 (64 bits)

macOS: From 10.15 to now

HeavyM 2 is fully compatible with Apple M1, M2 chips by using the Rosetta 2 program with no process delay and great performances.


Intel Core I5 2.30GHz, 4 Cores
4GB of RAM
Dedicated graphics card (Nvidia / AMD) with 2GB of VRAM
500MB of free disk space


Intel Core I5 2.30GHz, 4 Cores
8GB of RAM
NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD RX580 or better
500MB of free disk space

Technical specifications

Video/photo format

mp4, mov, png, jpeg

Video codecs

AppleProRes, H264, H265

Control protocols

MIDI, OSC, Keyboard

Compatible with all displays

HeavyM is compatible with all VGA, DVI and HDMI projectors. You can also use any LED screens.

HeavyM software - projector _ LED screen

Let's start?

Download HeavyM Demo for free right now and experience all the features of the world’s easiest video mapping software!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, all models are compatible. If your projector works with your computer, then it will work with HeavyM, too. In fact, the software simply gets the information provided by Windows and MacOs.

Yes! To help you make your choice you are offered a demo of HeavyM Pro+. In this Trial mode, you’ll get a watermark on the output, and the save/load is disable, but all the features of HeavyM are unlocked, so you can discover them and test the full potential of the software.

Absolutely not! No credit card needed. We just need an email address to send you the download link. We’ll never share your email address!

HeavyM is the most easy-to-use video mapping software on the market. You will love to create your wildest ideas without difficulty. Finally, by choosing HeavyM, you join a community of more than 80,000 users worldwide.

We have created free learning materials suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Just after downloading, you will receive an explanatory video to teach you all the basics of the software.

Yes, students and instructors receive a 30% discount at any time of the year. All information on this page.

In need of more details? Our full FAQ section is only a click away. Find all the insights you might need about HeavyM to ensure a seamless experience. Remember, we’re here to support you!