Stage Design Workshop With HeavyM

Unisphères: Using Video Mapping to Serve Live Performances

Stage design workshop - Cover Top

We recently were happy to receive extremely positive feedback from Kamel Ghabte, head of the digital arts department of Unisphères, who reported on his training sessions using HeavyM. His project is in line with our vision of video mapping and brings a unique answer to the expectations of professionals from the entertainment and cultural sectors, both in and around Bordeaux.

The main mission of Unisphères is to bring people together all while respecting diversity. For a year now, they’ve been organizing two-day workshops that focus on software HeavyM. This training is offered in collaboration with IDDAC (Regional Institute for Cultural and Artistic Development) and targets both amateurs and professionals wishing to gain knowledge in the field of designing, producing and managing digital art projects.

The latest session took place in April and gathered a wide audience including performing arts professionals (lighting technicians and stage managers looking for solid training in that field), artists (urban and visual artists who wanted to learn more about interactive stage design and video mapping) as well as learning officers wishing to offer multi-level training.

Once the workshop has been completed, participants have learned how to:
> Put together a video mapping project, taking technical aspects into account
> Integrate video into stage design
> Create multimedia and interactive shows from A to Z

All participants got to understand and learn more about video mapping and were provided with a tool that matches their projects’ key characteristics. A true success!

“Video mapping opens a door to the digital world that will become essential over the next years”, says Kamel Ghabte 

Stage design workshop - testing HeavyM software

Unispheres workshop with HeavyM

A self-taught musician, sound engineer and electronic music producer at S.A.E. Paris, Kamel Ghabte has become an instructor in the field of sound, a composer, and a sound designer. He received the Pro qualification from Apple’s Logic Pro in 2007 and has shifted towards IT to become a digital artist and an IT consultant.

As he was online looking for a software to use for a social inclusion project basing on arts and digital technology, he found out about HeavyM. Kamel had never done video mapping before but it was important to him to offer a strong tool for real-time, visual and graphics creation. After exploring our website and signing up for our HeavyM trial, he told us he was “pleasantly surprised by its ease of use and its quality”.

Stage design workshop - HeavyM interface

Unispheres workshop with HeavyM

A year after this first trial, he keeps praising HeavyM and these are its main benefits to him:
– Can be used on both Windows and MacOS
– Completeness of Tutorials 
– Automatic music sync
– Free trial version and affordable subscription price
– Frequent updates (5 major updates over the past 12 months).

Kamel is convinced that video mapping can be a strong tool for the artistic and cultural development of the city. “Here, in Bordeaux, there are a lot of extremely varied projects happening. We are lucky enough to enjoy a rich cultural life and to be surrounded by a lot of artists that are interested in innovation. I am actually considering setting up permanent video mapping installations in Bordeaux. I will, of course, keep you posted!”

Knowing that these cultural and artistic projects are being highlighted by video mapping makes us want to further develop the software! We are looking forward to releasing new, more advanced features and to going deeper in terms of creativity and interactivity!

Bring your project to light with HeavyM!