Using projection mapping to benefit your events’ visual atmosphere

Two common misconceptions about the complexity of projection mapping for events

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In France, video mapping became popular thanks to Lyon’s Festival of Lights, and it is becoming more and more present in the events world. Projecting visual animations onto various objects has become a very common tool for event agencies, and they have been integrating this technique into a wide range of events such as corporate conventions, trade shows, product launches, street marketing or various parties and celebrations.
Despite the fact that the audience always appreciates such an immersive experience, several misconceptions mean that video mapping still isn’t always included in an event concept, mostly because people tend to think this technique is more complicated to implement than it really is.

Having over 5 years of experience in the field of video mapping and having worked with numerous event agencies, we identified two main misconceptions that we would like to address.

Misconception #1: Projection mapping is complicated

Until recently, video mapping was a service that was difficult to implement, mostly because such a project requires a broad range of technical and creative skills. The entire process could take up to several weeks and meant animation experts had to get involved.

Thanks to the HeavyM software, however, creating a video mapping project has become easier than ever.

  • On the technical side, HeavyM simplifies the process of drawing and reproducing any projection surface and its specific shape, which makes it easy to create visuals that will adjust to any object or decor.
  • Regarding the creative aspects, the software comes with a large visual bank as well as a lot of types of content. That means the initial design step isn’t needed anymore.

If your clients wish to integrate their own content (photos, videos, logos…), you can simply import them into HeavyM. The software will then automatically adapt them to your current configuration. It’s easy!



By merging both the technical and creative aspects into one single software, HeavyM makes video mapping easy to deploy as well as easily accessible to non-experts


Misconception #2: Projection mapping is expensive

Because of its technical complexity and the fact that it required hiring specialized providers, video mapping used to be an expensive service.

Thanks to its high level of simplicity, HeavyM reduces costs as it makes it unnecessary to hire specialists. The entire process also becomes significantly shorter.

Cost comparison:

Average cost for visual design: 300€/day, 5 days total = 1,500€

Using HeavyM: Software cost (300€) + time spent by the internal staff (2 x 250€) = 800€.

Projection mapping event - TEDx stage design

Here’s an example for easy, simple and affordable video mapping that still allows for an eye-catching and efficient result.

All visual aspects can be edited in real-time, which means you are always free to adjust your projection and can make sure it perfectly fits your event’s (current) atmosphere. You can also add content at the last minute and without additional costs.

HeavyM HeavyM lets you easily create high-end video mappings for an affordable price.

Projection mapping: The ultimate addition to your project proposals

Your clients probably think that video mapping isn’t easily accessible, which means they don’t consider involving this technique when planning an event. While they are very likely to focus on picking the right catering service, the perfect sound specialists or the ideal location, they probably aren’t aware of how much more memorable their event could be with the help of a unique visual atmosphere.

Our past experiences and those shared with our clients have made one thing clear to us: the right stage design involving visual animations directly impacts the level of enthusiasm of the event’s guests. These guests are more likely to post about the event on social media, to discuss it with their network, to mention the brand and to increase the overall reach of a specific event.

Projection mapping event - kenzo stage design

Projection mapping event - Audencia world map

Adding video mapping elements means the entire location turns into a truly unique space and experience. HeavyM is an innovative way to share key messages and to make people think of the brand as being tech-savvy and innovative. As an event organizer, this also means your client is more likely to hire you again for their next events! 

Don’t wait any longer before you inspire your clients, thanks to unique concepts and ideas. Being proactive means your client’s brand image will become more creative and forward-thinking.

Over 300 event professionals across the world have already chosen HeavyM because of how easy to use it is, how quickly one can start projecting with it and because it is a cost-efficient solution. They are able to work autonomously and have been integrating video mapping to their event concepts for an unbeatable price, which obviously makes their clients happy. This new skill also allows them to expand to new target clients and new types of events.

Are you interested in offering projection mapping to your clients?

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