Interactive art piece with a PS5 controller

interactive projection - dataflaw

For his project at the Makerlab of Paris Interdisciplinary Research Center, Romain Astouric, aka Data Flaw integrated a notion of interactivity to integrate the viewer into the work. The desired approach is both aesthetic and playful. The public becomes an actor of the installation and becomes aware of the consequences of its actions on the result displayed as an interactive projection.

The joystick can trigger various sets of effects and sequences. For example, it can control the color of the shapes and their colors using the joysticks. Anyone can easily create beautiful live color combinations. The color palette and numerous gradients are inspired by a particular video game: Hyper Light Drifter.

Interactive art piece - HeavyM visual effects
Interactive art - HeavyM effects

Unlike a tangible object, computer code is never finished. There are always features to improve or new bugs to fix. This is what Data Flaw is particularly fond of. For his projects, he always needs to fine-tune, with a lot of back and forth, testing and trials. HeavyM is an indispensable part of his creative process, both in the prototyping phase and in the final adjustments.

Interactive projection mapping - PS5

To be continued

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