20 FREE video mapping loops for building projection!

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These impressive animations designed for building projection will transform and animate the biggest architectural wonders!

High quality video loops

In this pack, you will find 20 top quality and perfect rendering video mapping loops. They are distributed into 5 different themes, each with a singular identity yet all instilled with a highly creative and professional feel.


Resolution: Full HD 1920x1080px
Format: .mov
Codec: H.264
Ratio: 16/9
Frame rate: 60 fps

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Designed for building projection

Creating a building projection mapping can be a daunting task. In fact, there are many different parameters to take into account such as regarding projectors, the environment or the hardware. 

In order to help, one thing is certain: these superbly designed loops definitely are time-savers in regards to content creation. In fact, these ready-made loops need simply to be put in a HeavyM player, projected onto the surface and then just to be appreciated. Creators and producers can then focus on other aspects of the project such as creating tailor-made video content, knowing part of the job is achieved.

Video mapping loops themes:

Explosion / Deconstruct

With these video mapping loops, the buildings are meant to fall in shambles as if they weren’t standing anymore. As a true crowd pleaser, the building explosion is a classic and will definitely shock and awe.

Video mapping loops - Explosion wall
Mapping loops - Explosion wall fracture


This pearly texture roams and glides around making it seem as if the building was enchanted. This video mapping loop is perfect for projection surfaces with lots of different elements and levels of depth.

Video mapping loops - Texture low poly
Video mapping loops - Sand


In these video mapping loops, the filaments will make your building vibe as if the wind was combing through it. This aims for a true distortion of the mind for the viewer as the solid aspect transforms into smooth silk.  

Video mapping loops - Cloth close
video mapping loops - Cloth

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Three-dimensional figures swarm all over the surface as if they were going to pop out or overflow. In these video loops, the feeling of connection is amplified as the figures mean to interact with the outside world.

Video mapping loops - Extrude Cube
Projection mapping loops - Extrude compo


This set of loops will provide a truly mesmerizing aspect to your building. Kaleidoscopic effects are sure to hypnotize the audience and to leave them speechless.

Video mapping loops - Radial cercle
Projection loops - Radial compo


These textures give a surreal atmosphere as they completely change the feel one can have regarding the projection surface. They make buildings wave as if they were from alternate realities and will definitely change the perception of the audience.

Projection mapping loops - Texture diamond
Video mapping loops - Texture terra

Combine the free loops with a ready-to-use projection mapping software

Coupled with the world’s simplest-to-use mapping software, these video mapping loops make it all easier. Be sure to save time and get beautifully rendered building projections with our FREE loops! 

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