Underground stone mine mapping

Projection mapping mine performance

For this third episode of our Youtube series called “mapping projects”: focus on an exceptional underground projection mapping performance!

The project by Control Random, Maison Sagan and Marin Scart, explores the interaction between sound and image. It is a real-time audiovisual performance in which music and image are created live.

To create visuals in rhythm with music, Neurotypique and Marin Scart interconnected different elements of the system. Control Random’s modular synthesizers are electro-analog instruments that generate sound waves from oscillators. The various signals generated are sent to Neurotypic’s modules, which then perform filtering and turn-on/turn-off operations. Then, analog signals are converted into digital signals to be interpreted by Marin’s computer. TouchDesigner can generate visual effects that are reactive to music, which are then modified with shaders applied by HeavyM and eventually controlled live with a MIDI instrument. Finally, the video signal is sent to a second computer that will perform the mapping, i.e. the positioning of the visual effects on the walls of the room.

If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of this project regarding hardware used, connections and such, check out our blog post.

Music visual - mine mapping

To be continued

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