Cinémachine, a masterpiece mixing mapping and lights.

Cinemachine - Quentin and Malo working on HeavyM

Cinemachine, is a true work of digital art that combines different and complementary technologies. As multidisciplinary artists, Malo Lacroix and Quentin Duriez decided to mix together sound, video and lights.

HeavyM has an important place in the creation of the project. They used HeavyM Pro to:

  • Create the mapping zones with the drawing tools
  • Design the animations using the effects library and their own videos.
  • Organize the different parts of the work with several sequences in the software.
  • Receive DMX information from the lighting console to automatically trigger the created sequences

The musical part is managed by a second computer on which runs the Chataigne software. This software sends messages to the lighting console which automatically triggers the lighting effects. The following diagram explains the technical aspects of the project:

Tech scheme - Cinemachine installation

The decor of the project is made of two different elements: 1 large white sheet in the background and 3 Stak kits over it. The Stak kits bring a great relief effect and their different orientations give an almost organic feel to the decor.

The artists chose Stak because the kits are ready to use! Just hang them together in a few minutes and then hang it up: a real child’s play. In addition, the material is fireproof so it can be used directly in performance without any treatment.

3 Stak kits installation
Scenic design - Stak kits
Stage lighting design - HeavyM effects and DMX
Stage lighting desin - pictures phone
Stage design - HeavyM effets on Stak kits

To be continued

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The Stak kit is composed of 12 gorgeous square shapes to assemble. It allows artists and professionals to unleash their creativity and easily create stage designs, artistic works, permanent installations, and corporate decorations.

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HeavyM is a video mapping software that is capable of generating visual effects and projecting them on volumes, decorations or architectural elements. HeavyM is Mac and Windows compatible.