Breathtaking Spectacle on huge LED-Screen Building

Digital Signage-EP7 LEDs screen - Cover Top

This project takes place in Paris on the very futuristic facade of the EP7 restaurant. Indeed, this facade is composed of 12 rectangular LED screens of different sizes covering no less than 133m2. It is an imposing digital surface of 8m high and 17m wide.

Every month, the EP7 changes and transforms its facade. Sometimes for precise artistic orders, sometimes for spontaneous collaborations.
It is within this context that digital artist Olivier Carru was able to show his creations for a few days.

To display his content on LED screens, Oliver:

  • First recreated the shapes in HeavyM software using the plan of the screens as a background image to draw on.
  • Then, he imported the videos he created beforehand into HeavyM. The software’s built-in library allowed him to include additional effects to complete his creations.
  • Once the project was finalized, “video export” feature of HeavyM Pro+ converted each of the sequences into video files.
  • Finally, after putting the videos on a flash drive, he simply copied and pasted them to the computer that controls the LED screens.

The videos Olivier created for the project can be separated into two categories: those with a black and white aesthetic and those with a color aesthetic.
The black and white version is an extension of the EP7 façade, creating the illusion of continuity in a game of construction and deconstruction of the material in the form of a cube.
The loops of color are creations more in rupture with the aesthetics of the facade and creates an impactful visual universe. The artistic palette is wider thanks to wire forms which then become more sustained like large abstract paintings in torsion whose dynamic spheres seem contained by the screens.

Olivier chose HeavyM Pro+ for his project to benefit from a higher output resolution than HeavyM Live (unlimited resolution instead of 1920x1200px) and especially to benefit from the “video export” feature.

Digital Signage - Interface HeavyM
Oliver working on HeavyM
HeavyM LED Sreen - Olivier Carru
Stage lighting desin - pictures phone
EP7 facade LED - Phone Screen

To be continued

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