Samsung interactive game - A playful experience

Video mapping in the Samsung Galaxy Store

Samsung‘s latest venture involved captivating in-store visual experiences to promote their new products. This ambitious project was brought to life by ArScénique, a technical provider specializing in audiovisual solutions, digital experiences, and event animations.

To further elevate the project, ArScénique collaborated with Digital Essence, our video mapping agency. The integration of HeavyM Pro into the project further underscores our commitment to delivering a captivating and seamless visual experience.

The setup encompassed:

  • three 8000-lumens projectors to display on two walls,
  • an aptly configured computer, with a dedicated graphics card.
  • HeavyM Pro version

The installation transformed the ambiance of the room into two distinctive scenarios. The first immersed visitors in an ethereal, cosmic space, with an astronautic theme. The second scenario summoned forth an array of flying saucers, encouraging visitors to capture these nocturnal marvels for a chance to win prizes. This interactive endeavor aimed to demonstrate the impeccable low-light photography capabilities of Samsung’s latest phones.

To seamlessly transition between these captivating settings, HeavyM’s timeline feature was used. The timeline allowed for a smooth switch between the two themes, enhancing the engagement of the audience. To delve further into this mechanism, interested parties can explore this link: How to use the HeavyM’s timeline

Computer screen with HeavyM's video mapping software open
Samsung store video mapping by HeavyM

Managing sequences and loops of visuals becomes a breeze with HeavyM. Its user-friendly interface empowers even those with limited technical knowledge to craft captivating narratives through visuals. ArScénique’s partnership with HeavyM stands as a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology to deliver unique and mesmerizing experiences.

Samsung Store video mapping, HeavyM's software open on a monitor