Lightdrop: shaping stands of tomorrow


CTN Group, in partnership with the Digital Essence company, conceived the visionary project Lightdrop. Spearheading the inception of the project, CTN’s innovative idea paved the way for a groundbreaking solution that would redefine spatial experiences. In tandem with Digital Essence, the project evolved from a concept to a tangible reality, characterized by ingenuity and technical prowess.

Digital Essence took on the role of the architect behind Lightdrop’s transformational visual landscapes. Their expertise in technical design and video mapping played a pivotal role in shaping the project’s aesthetics and technical intricacies. Every detail, from the intricate technical study to the precise mapping execution, bore the mark of Digital Essence’s dedication to perfection.

This turnkey solution utilizes:

  • 3 Vivitek 4000-lumen ultra-short-throw projectors
  • 1 HeavyM Pro+ version
  • 1 HeavyM Server

The positioning of the projectors has been meticulously studied and tested to be as close to the wall as possible, minimizing shadow zones. This way, a person who is 1.8 meters tall can approach within 60 cm without obstructing the beam. In this position, the projectors can cover an area of 4 x 2.50 meters. The projectors are mounted on a custom-made metal truss.

HeavyM is used here to precisely define the projection areas. The visual animations are a blend of ready-to-use effects from the software and custom content created by the client. These visual animations are organized on a timeline, accurate to the millisecond. HeavyM controls all three projectors simultaneously, ensuring perfect synchronization. Lastly, the project has been automated to start every day at the same time and shut down automatically, thanks to the specific features of the Pro+ version.

At its core, Lightdrop is an eco-friendly force. It replaces LCD screens, traditional wall decorations, signage, textile banners, and backlit elements with an immersive, living, and tailor-made visual experience. This substitution aligns with a conscious shift towards sustainability, offering an alternative that reduces waste and minimizes the carbon footprint.

Lightdrop booth video mapping
Convention booth with video mapping
Convention booth with video mapping, Lightdrop logo