Galeries Lafayette: Enchanting christmas animation


Galeries Lafayette recently unveiled an ambitious project for the Christmas period: the creation of an immersive animation aimed at children. To realize this vision, they collaborated with Bonjour Lab .

Bonjour Lab, as the driving force behind the project, designed and produced the entire installation. Their innovative vision was at the heart of the animation’s success. Specializing in the creation of  visual content, Bonjour Lab drew inspiration from Florent Chavouet’s tale “Planète Sapin” to create captivating visuals. Beyond the visuals, Bonjour Lab introduced an interactive dimension by seamlessly integrating motion sensors. This ingenious addition enabled the visuals to react to the children’s gestures, giving the whole experience a magical touch. It’s important to note that without Bonjour Lab’s ingenuity, the project would never have seen the light of day.

Bonjour Lab called on the Ossature Production agency, with its expertise in scenography and the creation of artistic installations, to create the decor for this special animation. They designed rounded walls and clever projector concealment devices to immerse the children in an enchanting environment. Their attention to detail and ability to transform concepts into tangible realities were essential assets in bringing this vision to life.

But the story doesn’t end there. For the video mapping part, Bonjour Lab called on AP01 Studio, an audiovisual technical service provider. AP01 Studio used an impressive array of equipment for this project, including:

  • A powerful computer with 2 graphics cards, each with 4 outputs ( AMD Radeon Pro 5500)
  •  6 Epson ultra-short-throw 5500-lumen video projectors

A critical element of video mapping is “edge blending,” which seamlessly merges projected images onto multiple surfaces. AP01 Studio utilized HeavyM, a video mapping software, to execute this blending process. The outcome was a seamlessly integrated visual projection, crafting an immersive and coherent experience for children and visitors alike.

It’s worth noting that HeavyM’s user-friendly approach to edge blending greatly facilitated the execution of this complex artistic performance. For those interested in delving deeper into the process of utilizing multiple projectors with HeavyM, detailed tutorials are available on HeavyM’s official help center.