Teaching art classes: how to get beyond the usual framework thanks to projection mapping

art classes course - think outside the box @HeavyM

You teach art classes in primary, middle or high school or in an art school and you wish to vary the subjects of your courses? What if you tried projection mapping with your students? 

This discipline has recently conquered the teaching staff in search of something new. The result? The teachers who are using it stand out through a rich and experimental pedagogical program. 

Accessible and fun, projection mapping is perfectly suited to the objectives of elementary school curriculum and specialized schools. So, are you ready to challenge your students’ artistic creativity and capture their attention? In this article, we explain what projection mapping is, why the tool adds value to your teaching, and how the HeavyM projection mapping software fully meets your needs. Let’s get started!

What is projection mapping?

Have you ever attended a monumental video projection also called monumental mapping? By monumental mapping, we mean a video projection on a monument. In short, an extraordinary visual and auditory spectacle. 

This kind of animation is used for example for the Fête des Lumières in Lyon.

Fête des Lumières in Lyon @Lyoncapitale.fr

Little by little, this practice became more popular and video projection supports multiplied (diamonds, cubes, everyday objects …). Projection mapping was born!

Extremely effective and fun, projection mapping simply allows to sublimate everyday objects by animating them. A real auditory and visual treat to be savored!

This animation, very appreciated by professional and artistic audiences, is generally used to transform and accompany various types of events, whether public or private.

Projection mapping, essential to awaken the creativity of your students and improve your educational program

Art classes programs – from elementary to graduate school – are based on the combination of artistic culture and visual arts practice. Digital technologies are now an integral part of the art classes curriculum. As Eduscol states: “Today, the important presence of the digital within the educational and social space induces new teaching objectives, new pedagogical practices, dematerialized plastic operations in the art classes” before adding that ” current practices related to the digital in the field of art can prove to be highly technical […] However, some creative processes can be implemented with simple tools, sometimes even summary, allowing to address the issues developed in the programs. “Among these tools: projection mapping!

Projection mapping helps revolutionizing the dimension of visual arts: it allows learners to interact with everyday figures and objects by transforming them into works of art. The experience is a technical and artistic feat within the reach of your students. Extremely appreciated by young people for its playful and immersive side, this animation enhances your program while adding a touch of originality. It makes achieving your objectives easier. You will have a better chance of involving students in your lesson by offering them a collaborative, participative and fascinating activity that will arouse their interest. In short, captivate your classes and develop their full potential by offering them a subject that is out of the box: the creation of a projection mapping.

If the result is spectacular, the creation and animation of a projection mapping are well and truly accessible and controllable by your students, whether they are in fourth grade or at the forefront of their professional lives. How? By using projection mapping software. We recommend HeavyM, an innovative and simple tool that allows anyone to learn the basics of projection mapping in just a few clicks.

HeavyM, the essential projection mapping software for teaching projection mapping

HeavyM projection mapping software empowers your students to create a collective expression project. The goal? Use your students’ imagination and logic to create interactive works of art. The tool has a simple and ergonomic user interface that allows you to create impressive mappings.  

Intuitive drawing tools, the world’s largest library of mapping effects, ultra-fluid content playback, automatic synchronization with music, a complete warping tool and organization of projects into sequences: the tool has simplified and essential features to help your students master this discipline.

HeavyM also offers you access to a lot of help content to help you master its features – even if it is extremely intuitive and doesn’t necessarily require additional explanations – you can consult our blog, our FAQ or our Youtube channel to follow our tutorials or get inspired by projects to build your own!

Some of the schools that have worked with HeavyM software

With its success, HeavyM has won over event professionals, artists, amateurs and … schools and universities. Among them:

In 2016, in Saint-Etienne, the Puits de la Loire middle school launched a novel course to prepare its students for the Enseignements Pratiques Interdisciplinaires (EPI). 

HeavyM, thanks to its ease of use and its ability to combine visual content and sound analysis tools, allowed students to imagine devices adapted to create spectacular interactive works. The result? A great win, involved teams, the mastery of new processes by the students and the discovery for some of the interaction between the real space and the video image… A real success for both students and teachers!

Another example: at the Orthez agricultural high school, 30 students worked for three days on a projection mapping project. To build the projection structure, the groups used the Olga kit. The discovery of the software caused a real stir among the initiates who were also able to count on the support and expertise of the HeavyM team, always willing to help.

three-day workshop in Orthez High School, France
three-day workshop in Orthez High School, France

These original courses are a worldwide success and immerse students in a different vision of art and its forms.

A team of experts who listen to you and accompany you in the realization of your projects

HeavyM also offers the expertise of its team to transmit its knowledge and share the benefits of projection mapping in your schools.

The program includes fun and practical workshops adapted to all levels to learn the basics of projection mapping or to perfect your technical skills in this discipline. 

For this purpose, the team intervened for 4 afternoons at the elementary school Guadeloupe, Paris 18th and organized 2 different workshops with the help of teachers. 

In the first workshop, they built a pyramid of small cardboard cubes based on a drawing made on an A4 sheet. Then, with the help of our expert, they created a square shape in the software to outline the small cubes. Each student then integrated his or her scanned drawing into the square on the computer. The result won them over: a real animated wall of images! The second workshop – on the theme of the city and the pedestrian permit – made the children aware of the problems of 3D representation. They had the task of building paper volumes, shaping the model and recording effects in the HeavyM software. The goal? To create a miniature imaginary city. 

An interactive and multidisciplinary experience greatly enjoyed!

Discovery workshop at the Guadeloupe, Paris 19e elementary school @HeavyM
Discovery workshop at the Guadeloupe, Paris 19e elementary school @HeavyM

In March 2016, the HeavyM team led an afternoon discovery session at the ESME Sudria engineering school’s e-smart Lab, Paris. The students were happy to combine technical knowledge and creative spirit!

Train your classes by bringing your students together with HeavyM!

As you can see, projection mapping is an asset in the implementation of your educational program. Extremely innovative and contemporary, the tool trains young people in editing practices and broadens their range of skills.

In addition to developing their academic and professional strengths, the tool introduces and strengthens the dimensions of co-construction and teamwork. Each person will actively develop aspects of the project according to his or her skills and/or aptitudes. The result is a spectacular co-construction. HeavyM offers – beyond the realization of a projection mapping project – a convivial experience that combines exchange and knowledge sharing with active learning.

Teaching art at the primary, junior high, high school or university level: which HeavyM license to apply for?

The good news is that HeavyM has everything to meet your needs and fit within your budget! As a teacher, you get a 50% discount on HeavyM licenses. For example, if you purchase a “HeavyM Lifetime” license, ideal for teaching projection mapping to your students, you pay 149€ instead of 299€ once and that’s it. For multiple licenses, the price is degressive, so don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a precise quote in 24 hours.

Subscribing is quick and easy and allows you to download the tool directly.

Don’t wait any longer, subscribe to HeavyM’s teachers offer!

Need time to test the software? Download our trial version to test and experience all the features of the software for free without limit.

As you can see, projection mapping has won over many teachers who are keen to provide the best teaching materials to their classes. Among your students, there may be a future projection mapping enthusiast? Don’t wait any longer: