HeavyM 2.2 update

The 2.2 update marks a turning point for HeavyM, as the PRO offer is introduced. It is now possible to purchase HeavyM 2 Live or HeavyM 2 Pro. Over the next few weeks and months, advanced features, designed for audiovisual professionals, will be added to the Pro, without forgetting to improve the creative tools in the two programs. If you want more information about the Pro offer, you can see the features comparison tab or contact us directly. 

So with 2.2 update, here the first good news: OSC is back! This release also introduces NDI and the unlimited output resolution for the Pro offer, as well as various bug fixes and improvements.

For customers, download the update from the license manager

or, get the free Demo version of HeavyM 2.2 here

Release notes

New features

  • Added OSC learning, to control HeavyM via the OSC protocol
  • Added NDI In protocol, to receive NDI streams in HeavyM (PRO offer only)
  • Added NDI Out protocol, to send the HeavyM output via NDI (PRO offer only)
  • Added the possibility to have a large canvas resolution (virtually unlimited, the maximum is determined by your graphics card capacity) (PRO offer only)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed effect rendering when adding a new point with disconnected handles to a face
  • Fixed undo on tangent deletion
  • Fixed Restart playback mode that wouldn’t trigger when hitting Play on a sequence
  • Fixed Spout In stream selection
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when starting the sender after the Spout source is already connected to a player
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when changing the loop mode for Text, Live Cam and Spout/Syphon medias
  • Fixed loop mode UI when creating a playlist from a selection
  • Fixed Snake path validation
  • Fixed file icon resolution on Windows
  • Fixed the automatic update system on Windows (from 2.1.2)


  • Reduced artefacts on Border and Line effects
  • The assignments tables now automatically scroll down when adding a new Keyboard, MIDI or OSC command
  • Live Cam and Syphon/Spout stream names are now displayed in full in dropdown lists
  • HeavyM now uses its own menu bar instead of the native one on MacOS

Known issues

  • A crash can happen on MacOS Catalina if a screen is plugged/unplugged while an output window is already open – Please update to Big Sur if possible!
    • HeavyM 2 is not compatible with some integrated graphics cards – Please check the minimum requirements on the website.