HeavyM 2.4 update

Gradients are back! This release also introduces many new features and improvements, like easier resize and rotate tools. An in-app tutorial has been added to make it easier for beginners to get started. As per usual, there are also various bug fixes.

For customers, download the update from the license manager

or, get the free Demo version of HeavyM 2.4 here

The color gradients are moving!

New types of gradients are introduced and you can animate them in different ways. Say hello to the Radial Gradient, Angular Gradient and Diamond Gradient effects in the Color category.  By changing the centers of the shapes, which appeared in the 2.3 update, you can get amazing results!

HeavyM 2.4 - Linear gradient

Linear gradient

HeavyM 2.4 - Radial gradient

Radial gradient

HeavyM 2.4 - Angular gradient

Angular gradient

HeavyM 2.4 - Diamond gradient

Diamond gradient

An even smoother creative process!

Shape resize becomes super simple. No more shortcuts using the ALT key. Just move the mouse next to the shape and hold the click.

HeavyM 2.4 - Resize shapes

Same improvement for shape rotation. Just move the mouse close to a vertex!

HeavyM 2.4 - Rotate

NDI available in the Live offer

Previously available only to PRO customers, NDI is now available in HeavyM Live. Share real-time video streams over the network and deploy larger projects.

HeavyM 2.4 -NDI

An in-app tutorial to master the basics

When you open the software, a tutorial is launched to show you how to use HeavyM and teach you the basics. For beginners, this is an excellent way to learn how to use the software without having to struggle. For advanced users it is an opportunity to learn a few more tricks.

HeavyM 2.4 - In app tutorial

Full release notes

New features

  • NDI In / Out is now unlocked for all HeavyM offers!
  • Added Radial Gradient, Angular Gradient and Diamond Gradient effects in the Color category
  • Added Motion parameters to the different Gradient effects – Animate your gradients in a rotating, swinging or blinking motion and even offset their phases!
  • Added a color slider to the different Gradient effects – Choose the proportion of each of your two gradient colors!
  • Added a Scale cursor to resize shapes rapidly – No more Alt+drag to enlarge shapes, simply hover over the edges of a selection to see a scale cursor appear!
  • Added a Rotate cursor to turn shapes rapidly – No more Ctrl+R or Ctrl+Alt+R, simply hover close to the vertices of a selection to see a rotate cursor appear!
  • Added Alt+drag shortcut to quickly duplicate a selection of shapes
  • Added Shift shortcut to precisely rotate in 15° steps (hold while rotating)
  • Added the possibility to delete Keyboard/MIDI/OSC assignments – Either use Suppr./Delete on the overlay, right-click in the assignment table or use the “Reset all” button in the Controls window
  • Added an in-app tutorial that helps you learn the basics of HeavyM interactively (it opens up at startup, or you can find it in the Help menu)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause HeavyM to not start anymore
  • Fixed a bug that would cause points to be misplaced when using ctrl/cmd+z
  • Fixed various crashes linked to undo/redo and Magnet
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing a copy-paste of faces with animated centers
  • Fixed a bug that would misplace magneted centers when reloading a saved project
  • Fixed minor bugs on Center coordinates
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a source to stop playing in one player, that occurred when the same source was detached from a different player
  • Fixed a graphic bug on Special – Corner effect
  • Fixed a graphic bug on Border – Basic effect (there could be “holes” in the outline)
  • Fixed the appearance and readability of the “missing media” dialog on MacOS
  • Fixed a bug that would cause settings windows (most notably for player and sequence shaders) to be displayed on the wrong screen when using multiple displays
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the frequency bands sliders in the Audio Analysis settings to get stuck 
  • Fixed the flicker of the shaders library window on MacOS
  • Fixed a security issue on macOS that caused Microphone and Webcam-related features not to work (patch 2.4.1)
  • Fixed an issue on license registration that was causing valid licenses to be rejected (patch 2.4.1)
  • Fixed a bug on group effects that caused phase offset issues on newly added faces after the activation of an effect (patch 2.4.1)


  • Zooming with a mouse or trackpad now zooms in on your pointer (while zooming with the – and + buttons or shortcuts keeps zooming on the center of the view)
  • The Zoom value is now precisely editable from an input field in the View toolbar
  • Zooming now uses a linear curve (simply put, you won’t take forever to zoom to the max anymore) 
  • Added the possibility to import multiple shaders from the library window at once in the Sources Bin
  • Added the possibility to open recent projects from the File menu or the Welcome Window
  • Added a button to quickly toggle the “Show All Centers” option from the main toolbar
  • HeavyM now support the shader uniform value “point2D” (for instance used to control the “center” of the Circle transition)
  • Set the “Origin” parameter to “Center” by default for all compatible effects
  • “Reset Centers” option doesn’t affect locked faces
  • Added the possibility to undo/redo a media or source deletion
  • Blocked special keyboard keys from being used as keyboard assignments (they would cause conflicts and display weird symbols) 
  • Keyboard assignments are also now not triggered when ctrl/cmd, alt or shift is pressed at the same time
  • Mac M1 compatibility (running under the Rosetta translation layer for now) (patch 2.4.1)
  • Improved the behavior of Shift translation. The translation is now always done relatively to the center of the selection (patch 2.4.1)

Known issues

  • A crash can happen on MacOS Catalina if a screen is plugged/unplugged while an output window is already open – Please update to Big Sur if possible!
  • If you update from 2.3.1 or an older version, your saved colors in the color picker will be replaced by white. Colors saved in 2.4.0 should not be affected (patch 2.4.1)
  • HeavyM 2 is not compatible with some integrated graphics cards – Please check the minimum requirements on the website.

For customers, download the update from the license manager

or, get the free Demo version of HeavyM 2.4 here