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Attract the public


Last month, we talked about how schools and universities were using video mapping as an original tool for their students. Video mapping workshops are also quite popular with adults, professionals or amateurs. HeavyM’s best assets for these sessions is to simplify the creative process and the animations setup with ready-to-use visual effects. Etienne, Arnaud and Romain are always happy to conceive tailor-made workshops and the following overview shows the variety of their audience:

Training professionals

At Live Performer Meeting, the international event for live video performers, visual artists and VJs, HeavyM has been invited twice (Rome, 2015 and Amsterdam, 2017) to organize workshops with experts of live video performance. As a reference company for a simple video mapping, the idea was to illustrate the advantages of HeavyM software in comparison with other products distributed in the market. In terms of simplicity, easy installation and speed of use, the benefits have been pretty well demonstrated!

Video mapping course - 2 girls 1 projector
Projection mapping course - HeavyM interface

Mermaid, a project only done with HeavyM, by Jesse James Allen and Bruce Sereta

For La Manche Numérique, the mixed union of La Manche, the team trained several librarians willing to use HeavyM in their own center. They wanted to diversify their offer and to upgrade their skills. It has been a successful transmission of knowledge because these professionals then trained, in turn, their publics.

Even the institutions are curious about this easy-to-use video mapping process: Institut Français, the operator of the outdoor French cultural action, offered to its employees a discovery session of HeavyM and people really got caught up in the game ! They designed patterns, manipulated the Olga structures kit, delighted to have a new instrument in their hands, to appeal to their imagination and creativity differently.

Projection mapping course - Group lesson
Video mapping course - Group lesson

Introducing the general public

At Weather Festival, the french event dedicated to electronic music, HeavyM was invited to animate a stand on the Innovation and Music Village during 3 days, from 3 am to 11 pm. The tests and demonstrations attracted a crowd of visitors, already awared of the practice and gifted with an artistic fiber. The audience totally fell under the software’s spell, thanks to the easy access and use.

HeavyM demo - Weather festival
Projection mapping HeavyM. - Weather demo

Weather Summer Festival, 2015

At Futur en Seine, the major event for innovation in Paris, the general public was able to test the software for 3 days, guided by the team’s advices, thanks to several demonstrations on the HeavyM stand. “I didn’t think it could be that simple” was the most recurrent comment, when others admired the beauty of the effects and imagined their interior decorated with bright animations, thanks to Olga kit.

Weather Summer Festival, 2015

Surrounding with Ambassadors

HeavyM collaborates internationally with ambassadors who promote the brand. Thus, when ambassadors decide to do a workshop, the team in Paris grants them several privileges and exclusivities, by providing them with free licenses for the public to practice.

Aelion Project, the Italian multimedia agency, made several discovery workshops with HeavyM software, all very well managed! For example, the workshop organized by Jacopo Di Crescenso at the Artigitale Festival during 2016 summer, which was the first HeavyM workshop in Italy!

Projection mapping course -Aelion project
Projection mapping courses - Aelion workshop

Weather Summer Festival, 2015

To learn more about Aelion Project, see the article of HeavyM Blog here.

Alex Wilson, graphic designer and English VJ, set up video mapping lessons for beginners. In 2016, at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, he organised workshops during 4 months with HeavyM software, guiding students throughout all the creative process, to propose a fully-mapped arena for Glastonbury Festival.

HeavyM workshop - Glastonbury Festival
HeavyM workshop - Glastonbury Festival - close up

Barbara Weinmann, Argentine audiovisual designer, regularly organizes video mapping, interactive and audiovisual performance workshops. She wants her audience to understand the development, to solve the technical questions and to obtain the fundamental knowledge for multimedia and mapping projects for theater arts. Barbara considers HeavyM software is the best tool to achieve these goals. She mixes the software with sensors like leap motion and kinect. She considers that workshops is a wonderful occasion of teaching and also playful moments.

Between the workshops in schools and companies, the discovery sessions on public events, by HeavyM team or the Ambassadors, HeavyM software fulfills its mission to democratize the practice of video mapping, finally accessible to all!

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