Kenzo Parfums, a unique event decoration!

Kenzo HeavyM - cover top

A resolutely unique and daring show

For its annual show, Kenzo Parfums proposed a unique and unexpected stage design. The Mythologies event agency, which accompanied the brand, designed an immersive and sensory experience, based on the 5 senses, thanks to original ideas: A conference entirely through headphones, with a soundtrack created by Guillaume Sorge from Dirty Sound System. An olfactory discovery of a new perfume in preview. Or a tasting of exotic and surprising products.
But the main attraction of the event: it was the scenic decoration in video mapping. An imposing structure which is the central element of a visual show.

headphone-conference - Kenzo show
Kenzo stage performance - HeavyM visuals

The decor as a central element of the scenography

Kenzo Parfums wanted to have a real graphic element on stage that would complement the traditional screens of a marketing convention.
The set is composed of 5 Olga kits + 1 flat area at the center. The Olga kits were chosen for several reasons:

  • Simplicity of assembly: The triangles can be assembled in a few minutes. A pre-assembly was done to save time on the day of the event.
  • The lightness: Only 10kg for the 5 kits!
  • The quality of the material: It is made of high quality polypropylene with a M1 fireproof coating.
  • The cost: The 5 kits cost about 700€. A similar structure made to measure by a craftsman would have multiplied the cost by 4 or 5.

The flat area in the middle is also made of M1 polypropylene. It was made to measure and allows visuals containing texts to be displayed without distortion.

Kenzo ste design - construction

HeavyM to illuminate this event decoration

To cover this structure and to avoid the shadows created by the “peaks” of the Olga kits, Mythologies used two 10,000 lumens Barco video projectors. They are placed in height on the right and left sides of the room at a distance of 50m.
These projectors are connected to a gamer computer and controlled by HeavyM.

Kenzo performance - Jungle
Kenzo stage design - HeavyM performance

Video content for each fragrance

The convention is punctuated by the presentation of the brand’s different fragrances. Each product has its own visual identity. The decoration of the stage changes and evolves according to the presentations. Projection mapping should not overshadow lectures and speeches. This scenic decoration must be serving the message the brand wants to convey. 

For example, for the famous Flower fragrance, specific visuals of poppies have been created to preserve the brand image:

Or here, a relaxing visual to illustrate the lightness and freshness of “l’Eau” fragrance:

But more dynamic visuals are also present to accentuate the highlights of the event. For example, the opening show or the ascent/descent of the steps of the speakers:

To be continued

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