Deep Party - DJ Stage Design

VJ Beeld Puree - Lars Huisman


VJ collective Beeld Puree from Holland has been operating in Dutch and European nightclubs and festivals for quite some time now. Their understanding of the need to engage the public during a DJ set is special, with audiences left thrilled by the experiences they offer. Each DJ stage design should be unique, and the crew appreciates the requirements for audiovisual performances more than anyone. In this respect, they love mixing it up with lighting scene design, and along with their use of imposing structures, projection mapping then becomes a must-have.

Their lead virtuoso, Lars Huisman, developed their most impressive stage sets. Inspired by Daft Punk’s Coachella Pyramid, the visual artist set up the DJ booth as a gigantic pyramidal stage made of 34 triangles for a Deep Party in the Netherlands.

In his constant search of bringing the party to its climax, he conceived, for this DJ stage design, a gorgeous projection mapping which he made using HeavyM.

Spark up your inspiration

To develop this marvelous scene design, Lars let his creativity flow and be nurtured by the largest and most complete library of visuals effects there is. With party goers as witnesses, the number of combinations possible between the different VFX is almost limitless, with more than 1,000 potential actions that can be coupled. The bright flashes and red-colored animations you can see in the pictures and video are all integrated in the software ; all demonstrations of HeavyM being the projection mapping software with the most ready-to-use content.

Blend in your skills

As a true VJ, Lars Huisman is a multi-faceted artist. He knows that in order to deliver a genuinely memorable experience, one must master many different tools and enlighten his stage audience through a variety of content and designs. Through HeavyM smart media player, Lars was able to project all of his external content easily, as all videos, images or even webcam streams can be imported directly into the software. What’s more, the Dutch VJ can enjoy HeavyM’s compatibility with Syphon and Spout to exchange video streams between applications which was developed to ensure encapsulating all of the AV world’s essence and possibilities.

Bring the crowd to new heights

With all those visual effects at hand, Lars Huisman has all the tools he needs to feast the audience’s eyes. But this is an electronic Deep music night, and the party would not be complete without the magic of sound being involved. Creating a scene where music and visual arts are in perfect osmosis is the dream of every VJ and DJ, and can be often seen as the ultimate fashion to engage and connect with the audience. To achieve this performance pinnacle, Lars made perfect use of HeavyM automatic synchronization to music ; the built-in sound analysis allows users to create a show with pure visual and sound coherence.

In the end, this DJ stage design along with a superb musical performance brought the party to a turning point, and left the audience mesmerized! And all of the aspects detailed above were achieved through the simplest to use projection mapping software

Create a DJ stage design easily !

Creating this level of entertainment seems out of reach? Think twice! This kind of scenography is truly awesome and took quite some manpower as well as time. 

But the next best thing can be easily reproduced thanks to our Olga kit. This is a really practical and intuitive alternative with which you can modulate and shape the structure of your choosing. The kit offers you simplicity, speed of execution and flexibility to build different shapes depending on your creative needs.