Introducing HeavyM 2 Pro

The 2.5 update brings a powerful new version: HeavyM 2 Pro.

The update brings a complete overhaul of the Output setup module. For the HeavyM 2 Pro customers, it’s a massive change! Multiple output management, edge blending and warping features were added. For the HeavyM Live customers, we’ve increased the output resolution to WUXGA. Various fixes and improvements are also included.

For the customers, download the from the license manager.

For the others, try the free Demo of HeavyM 2.5 here

When you install the new HeavyM 2.5 software, rename the folder to not overwrite your current HeavyM app.

A completely new menu for the output setup

The output menu is enriched with features to allow you to fine-tune the output of HeavyM in a smooth manner, giving you more options and settings to deal with any situation. A calibration grid has also been added to save you time during your performances.

HeavyM 2.5 - Output menu

Multi-videoprojection is a game changer!

For HeavyM Pro customers only

Move beyond the limitations of single projector. With HeavyM 2 Pro, you can now control up to 3 outputs. The combinations are numerous and you can create shows with 3 projectors at the same time for instance, or mix 2 projectors and a screen, or the opposite. This new feature expands the creative possibilities in an exceptional way.

HeavyM software - Kenzo
HeavyM 2.5 - Multiprojection
HeavyM update - 3 screens outputs

Merge your outputs to create large displays

For HeavyM Pro customers only

For large scale installations or shows, you need to create large and high-resolution mapping displays. Use the edge-blending feature to merge the edges of your different outputs to create a single large image. With the HeavyM 2 Pro edge-blending feature, you will obtain perfectly aligned and seamless images.

Edge-blending - Youtube
HeavyM 2.5 - Edge-blending
HeavyM update 2.5 - edge-blending

Adjust the outputs to perfection

We have integrated powerful tools to manipulate, distort and perfectly adapt your outputs to your environment. For example, use the warping tool to get an exceptional rendering for your mappings.

HeavyM 2.5 - Output's warping

Maximum resolution expands on HeavyM Live

With the improvement of video projectors, more and more manufacturers offer the WUXGA which is a higher resolution than Full HD. These projectors are therefore in 1920x1200px instead of 1920x1080px. With this update, Live clients can use the 1920x1200px resolution in HeavyM.

Credits: ViewSonic

HeavyM updates - resolutions comparison

Full release notes

New features

  • The maximum canvas resolution has been increased from 1920×1080 to 1920×1200 pixels for Live users. Enjoy!
  • Added an advanced Output setup module to manage multiple outputs
  • Added an Edge Blending module for outputs, with Blend Curve and Gamma Correction parameters
  • Added a Warping module for outputs, with Perspective and Linear modes
  • Added the possibility to change the orientation of an output by 90/180/270°
  • Added the possibility to add/remove subdivisions in the Warping module for players
  • Added a Phase offset parameter to the Transformation – Rotation effect
  • Added the possibility to magnet shapes on the border of the canvas (patch 2.5.1)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused all saved colors to turn to white after a software update – If you had different colors saved in 2.3 (and older) than in 2.4, colors from 2.4 will be recovered in priority
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Cursor and Draw tool crosshair not to have the right coordinates when the canvas and output resolutions didn’t have the same ratio
  • Fixed a bug that prevented personal shaders from being loaded in the library
  • Fixed a bug that caused Filling – Snake paths to be sometimes incorrect when reloading a project – This won’t fix the previously corrupted files though
  • Fixed a bug that caused detached Sources to sometimes keep playing in the background, which would affect performances
  • Fixed many magnet and undo redo issues
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong output setup reload (patch 2.5.1)
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong warping reload (patch 2.5.1)
  • Fixed a bug that caused curves to appear on polygonal shapes (patch 2.5.1)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using copy & paste (patch 2.5.1)
  • Fixed several shapes handling crashes (patch 2.5.1)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a project (patch 2.5.2)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when starting the in-app tutorial (patch 2.5.2)


  • Improved output rendering performances 
  • Improved the precision of player warping deformations
  • The properties of a player are now always visible and editable when its warping mode is active
  • Added a warning when HeavyM detects that a suboptimal graphics card is used on macOS
  • Improved user friendliness of the zoom inside the output setup canvas (patch 2.5.1)
  • Added the possibility to switch between fast & accurate shapes rendering mode (patch 2.5.1)

Known issues

  • A crash can happen on MacOS Catalina if a screen is plugged/unplugged while an output window is already open – Please update to Big Sur if possible!
  • HeavyM 2 is not compatible with some integrated graphics cards – Please check the minimum requirements on the website.

For the customers, download the from the license manager.

For the others, try the free Demo of HeavyM 2.5 here