Immersive box with a personalized experience

interactive box mercedes - large view

In collaboration with the agency Mythologies, Digital Essence designed and produced an immersive box for the launch of the new Mercedes A Class.

The animation is as follows: While waiting to test drive the car, the visitor answers a series of questions on a tablet and then enters the box. The visual animations and music are personalized according to the answers given, in order to guarantee an immersive and impactful experience.

For the technical part, the installation uses 2 Olga kits, 3 Full HD ultra-short-throw projectors, a computer and a tablet. Before entering the booth, visitors fill in a form on a web page displayed on the tablet. The answers are then entered into a database and processed by a program running on the computer broadcasting the show. Finally, this program controls the videos displayed by HeavyM thanks to OSC messages.

Mercedes box - New York
Immersive box - close up people
Mercedes box - close up effects
Mercedes immersive box

To be continued

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