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The most user friendly projection mapping software is back


HeavyM 2 - Launch video

Say hello to the new version of HeavyM software. Powered by an advanced powerful graphics engine. Geared with a refined and modernized interface. Fits perfectly with all your creative ideas.

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Not a simple update.
A new software.

We’d like to thank the whole HeavyM community for this new software; to all the 400 beta testers and for the hundreds of feedbacks and exchanges we had with the users who helped us better the product through 9 beta versions. This version was thought for and made for you.

We designed this software for all the creatives out there. For those whose imagination is always bubbling and who never lack new or fresh ideas. We wanted them to be able to do more and create more. And they need the highest performance solution for that to happen.


And after 2 years of hard work and development, we provide today a powerful new graphics engine, with almost everything re-coded for superior efficiency and ergonomics. HeavyM now allows for considerably more shapes and effects that are active simultaneously in a session.

Discover in this article the new features:

  • New interface design
  • New powerful graphic engine
  • New drawing tools with curves
  • New visual effects
  • New media management
  • New sequencer

The curves are here!

As HeavyM users, you have always had considerably varied projects, from creating live music shows to designing performance stages. And because we continually have you in mind while conceiving your software, the built-in tools and settings are now extremely numerous.

HeavyM update 2 - Curves tool

As a result, the creative possibilities are nearly infinite which makes the software a complete creation tool in itself. In fact, we want you to design and shape any kind of project you want to, and for that we improved our draw tools. The Bézier curves are now a natural asset of the software, you can now add and modify them seamlessly. On top of that, you can now create masks through layers and invent endlessly as the 300 shapes limit is no more

HeavyM 2 - Edit tool

A new generation
of visual effects.

As a projection mapping software, HeavyM was thought for scenic artists that want to achieve all their creative potential. Those who have inspirational projects to carry out, and who want these projects exactly like they imagined it in their minds. The ones that want to perfectly synchronize their effects, who want them exactly at the right time.

And for these creatives, we’ve put an effect variations generator in order to automate the control of the parameters. That includes new ready-to-use visual effects rendering for a better look and smoother feel, advanced parameters to offer more variations and animated effects with automatic dimmers.

HeavyM 2 - Interface-effects

Producing shows and projects means being ever more creative and original. This is why, HeavyM provides with the tools to multiply the creative options and greatly increases the graphic possibilities. For instance, there now is a different library for transitions on sequences,  generative shaders and processing shaders in players.

Manage your media

HeavyM is a projection mapping software that can do a great number of different things. Because we know inspiration can come from anywhere, we conceived the software to be an aggregator of creative sources.

HM2 - playlists

And with that in mind, we implemented a new media manager, in order to ease the user’s workflow. This way, we wanted you to be naturally drawn to using media and any input sources you normally work with. The media playback is smoother, more powerful and has additional control settings. You can stream in any input through Syphon and Spout while applying shaders to any player. What’s more you can now manage your media, shaders, and streams as playlists.

Organize your project easily
with the new sequencer

Visual and physical space usually define the constraints of a mapping. Therefore a project is meant to be thought as whole and globally while you also need to take into account a variety of different elements. With that in mind, we originally wanted to create a synergy, a continuity inside projects and linked the shapes throughout the sequences.

HeavyM 2 now introduces a new sequencer mode with “Maps” to give you much more freedom by allowing you to create different drawings depending on the sequences.

On the other hand, smooth transitions can now be added easily while shaders can now be applied to sequences to ante up the level of effects and customization. 


Improved MIDI synchronization

In order to produce high quality performances, you need tools and software applications made for professionals. With those expert products, the number of options they offer is quite high and only drastically improves when you combine the two. These are aspects that can be complex to set up and handle naturally.

That’s why HeavyM put MIDI controller learning directly onto the interface. Combining controllers is now more intuitive than ever as it only takes just a few clicks to connect your hardware to the software.  Additionally, interaction possibilities with a controller have been greatly improved to enable ease-of-use.


These are all the main features of a powerful software designed to conceive any kind of projection mapping project ; whether you want to create outstanding visuals with your creative team, produce impactful experiential universes, decorate your home or office with digital or just showcase your talent. You’re just a few clicks away from exceptional mapping possibilities!

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