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A collective that knows how to impress the public

Video mapping finds a perfect application for concerts, especially for electronic music. When the audience is asked about the interest of the stage set, they usually answer that it contributes to 50% of the success of the performance!

Skryptöm, a well-known French label, fully understood this. The collective of artists founded in 2006 by Electric Rescue was built around the values of sharing and exchange, specific to the original techno scene. Maxime Dangles, Paul Nazca, Scan X, Kmyle, to name but a few, offer a “kind of French Touch with Osgut Ton’s Berlin sounds” according to Trax Magazine, associated with the minimalist and abstract scenography of Büro23.

The Nordik Impakt festival of Caen, major event of the French electronic culture since 1999 and which gathers each year several thousands of people, invited the collective during its big closing night.

Olga kits hanging over the DJs !

The stage design consists of a circular structure suspended above the artists and made with Olga kits. The triangular elements allow to build very simply abstract scenic sets, thanks to two strong advantages:

  • The Olga kit is M1 : fire resistant. Most public events require the use of fireproof materials.
  • the Olga kit is reusable: optimization of materials. The triangles are cut out of plastic sheets and are therefore washable and tear-proof, thus ensuring the durability of the kit over several dozen events.

The Skryptöm collective regularly chooses Olga kits, as for their last festival at the Warehouse in Nantes, ranked 3rd best techno club in France. Discover the complete documentary (in French) that presents their creative work during the preparation residency.

The 8 Olga kits used were assembled with each other and materialize the strong identity of the label. Daff, resident visual artist of the Astropolis parties, sublimated this giant ring with geometrical visuals of which he has the secret.


HeavyM enhances your mappings in a few clicks


HeavyM software allows the creation of visual effects in a few clicks that adapt to the scenery. The animations are generated live and do not require long and complex calculations. The production of animations in rhythm with the music is thus simplified.

HeavyM synchronizes itself with the live music playing on stage. The music analysis module, which is easily accessible in the interface, detects variations in the amplitude of low, medium and high frequencies. The visual effects parameters can then react to the amplitude variations.

Finally, for total control of the visuals, consider the MIDI controller and perform with HeavyM as if it were a real musical instrument!

Skryptom MIDI

To be continued

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