Framed wall art: the ideal solutions for your home!

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These times around more so than ever, your most cherished place is often also the one you frequent the most. I’m talking about the place where you feel the most comfortable, where your emotions lay true and peaceful, the place where you live: the place you call home. Who doesn’t want to feel good at home? For that to happen, you must feel in harmony everywhere your eyes lay, and that’s what home design is for. Your interior has to reflect who you are as well as how you want to feel, you want it to look good and change it according to your mood. More so, you can’t spell interior design without mentioning framed wall art. 

Framed wall art is a component of interior design, and it goes without saying that the one completes the other and vice versa. Walls are usually what sets the tone and ambiance of a room, and how they are decorated plays a huge part in that. But in your wish to decorate those walls with frames, you might be confronted with other elements than purely decorative aspects. For example, how that particular painting looks nice but takes up too much space for being just that or that it represents such a commitment for something you might not want to display forever. Digital art frames are a must in that regard, as they can be changed to your envies and likenings. Their numbers have increased these last years and are issued from different technologies and functionalities. 

That being said, let’s have a look at different solutions of embellishing your home interior design with digital art frames.

Some framed wall art ideas

Samsung’s The Frame

Let’s start with the flashiest item of our selection: Samsung’s The Frame. Essentially a Smart TV, Samsung’s product main asset is that it blends in almost perfectly as a painting of your choosing when turned off. Packaged with a set of casings, the product also includes non-visible wires solutions and ultra-thin wall hanging to make it look like a real painting frame, hence its name. This television comes at a price: $600 for its 32 inches entry product along with a subscription for the Art Store if you feel like changing the art every now and then. 

samsung the frame hanged as painting
two samsung frames hanged and put on ground

Meural Canvas

This framed wall art canvas is made by NETGEAR. Unlike Samsung’s Frame, this one focuses solely on displaying the artworks you wish to see, whether yours or more famous ones. The digital LCD-screen models are available in 3 different sizes and 4 colours. You can choose the selected artworks on the Meural app or import your photos and own paintings on to switch displays whenever you feel like it. Meural starts at $300 for its 7.5 x 13.5 inches model without the art subscription. 



Because feeling good at home does not necessarily mean having pricey paintings. Nixplay allows each and everyone to frame their most treasured memories. This digital photo frame is connected to the WiFi so that users and their loved ones can easily share photos and videos directly onto the screen. The device stores thousands of pictures and creates smart slideshows that you can control remotely. Nixplay exists in 5 versions ranging from $180 to $330.

digital photo frame above a couch
digital picture frame above furniture

One of these digital art frames surely would greatly benefit your home interior and add to your comfort! Whether you favor media broadcasting, are an art aficionado or wish to be surrounded by your relatives and friends.

But what if you didn’t need to choose? Here’s a solution which allows you to sublimate your design interior with framed wall art while including those different aspects: HeavyM.

With HeavyM, you can decorate your home with art, put your tastes on display and set the mood of the room on the fly.

digital art frame abstract

HeavyM: the ultimate digital art frame

Your Frame

While all the solutions mentioned above have great benefits, they all share the same constraint: their built-in frames. They all offer various sizes and colours but ultimately the different combinations might not match your vision nor your design interior. HeavyM fits in all frame shapes and sizes, from the smallest photo frame to the biggest canvas. The user controls exactly how he/she wants to display the desired content. What’s more, you can freely choose the frame you think might best suit your room, whether you go golden moulding for a grandiose atmosphere or black matte for a subtler touch. 

Smooth set-up

HeavyM works through the technology of projection mapping. That means content is directly projected onto your wall. All you have to do is find a blank space on the wall, put your frame, get a projector if you don’t have one and then you’re set!

On the other hand, the software is the easiest-to-use, you simply need to draw the projected area once, insert your media and relax.

man reading while digital art frame
sunset on appartment with digital art frames

Art is yours

Each and every painting in the world is yours to project with HeavyM. The software can display any digital visual content. If you are a digital artist, you can easily decorate your home with your artworks to give it a most personalized touch. On the off chance that you’re not, HeavyM created a pack of 10 contemporary digital art pieces you can enjoy. Or simply check AdobeStock’s library, it comprises millions of media from illustrations, to pictures, nature videos and 3D drawings. 

Set the mood

Change the mood as you want to. If your loved ones are the most important things to you, then show it so that everyone in the room sees them. With HeavyM, you simply need to import video and photos of your family and friends in the software. The frame you project onto then becomes a digital slideshow of fond memories.

digital photo frame man holding a baby on his shoulders

Digital art frames are the pinnacle of home interior design. They allow you to decorate your home without having to compromise on some functionalities or having to be stuck with some art piece you got bored with for months. In that regard, HeavyM thanks to its technology and simple handling guarantees flexibility and awesome top notch rendering!