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You want to have the proper fundamentals to learn projection mapping? In order to achieve the desired outcome, there are two essential steps : First, get the HeavyM software (trial version available) and then download the HeavyM projection mapping guide “7 steps to follow for a successful projection mapping”. This free and complete guide will guide you through all the steps of your projection mapping. The result? You’ll get an explosive project that is as amazing as it ever gets. Zoom in on our projection mapping guide and its key steps to success. In this article, you will discover a summary of the key steps of the guide.

Le guide pratique projection mapping HeavyM, c’est quoi ?

It is a simple and concise guide that covers the main steps to produce excellent projection mapping.

To obtain it, you just have to download it for free by entering the email address on which you want to receive it. In a matter of minutes, you have all the tools in hand to make a good projection mapping. Don’t wait any longer, be sure to create a successful projection mapping project: download our guide by filling in the information below.

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The HeavyM guide: essential help for creating a unique projection mapping

Projection mapping is a powerful way to impress your audience with a unique visual and sound experience. In this guide, we’ve put together the tricks to achieve an extraordinary visual spectacle. The goal? Create a multi-sensorial experience that your audience will enjoy.

This practical guide allows you to integrate projection mapping best practices in a few minutes. It covers all aspects of the discipline in order to highlight the crucial points in properly conducting a projection mapping project.

Free and unlimited access to an essential source of information to understand projection mapping!

Download is totally free and once the document is downloaded you can consult it in an unlimited way.

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"7 steps to follow for a successful projection mapping" : what you will find in this HeavyM guide

This guide contains best practices and useful information for the realisation of a projection mapping project. It is divided into seven parts – key steps in the success of a projection mapping project – namely:

  1. Take advantage of the location
  2. Add a background to increase immersion
  3. Find the right projector and set it up
  4. Get the right computer and set it up properly
  5. Create the atmosphere
  6. Projecting animations of all kinds
  7. Synchronize with the music

Choose the projection spaces, the decor

The first steps of the guide address the subject of space and décor. 

You will discover how to be mindful of the volumes and surfaces that are suitable for projection. You will then be able to detect the roughness of the shapes and elements around you in order to choose the best projection surface.  Finally, you will get the keys to make good use of backgrounds, volumes and structures of light colors. 

It is up to you to choose the form of projection that suits you, there are no restrictions. For a simple and original use, the Olga kit with its hanging surfaces is recommended.

Successful installation and choice of equipment (video projector and computer)

You don’t know which criteria to consider when choosing your video projector? This is a crucial step for the success of a projection mapping project. Don’t panic, you will find all the necessary information in this guide.

Also, simple but essential rules such as: the importance of not moving the equipment once installed – to ensure that there is no shift or distortion to the obligations -, anticipating the placement of the equipment and taking into account the safety elements … All these topics are addressed! A little teasing: depending on the focal length of your projector, the zoom and projection angle, you can define the maximum and minimum distance between the projector and the wall. Ideally, the projector should be placed in the center of the area you want to cover and as close as possible to your projection surface to maximize the brightness. Find out in detail in the guide how to make sure your projector is properly positioned and how to set up your focus.

You will obviously need a computer to create video projections and run them through your projection mapping software, but you don’t have to go for the most expensive model. Today, a standard laptop is all you need. Just make sure your laptop or desktop computer has a 2GB graphics card, an i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. This part also gives you some basic advice on how to make your projection a success on the big day. For example: two things to consider: sleep mode and your background image. Configure your computer’s power settings to ensure that your mapping does not stop if your computer goes into power saving mode. Also, pay attention to the background image. If a window closes, it’s best to have a solid black background image, both to preserve your audience’s eyes and to avoid showing everyone a family photo!

To find out if you are using the correct display configuration and/or to ensure that your computer’s performance is correct, check our guide [intégrer un renvoi vers le formulaire]

Create the atmosphere, by projecting on all possible forms and by synchronizing the music

Each event will have its own atmosphere and the visuals you choose will contribute in setting the tone of the evening. There are many websites where you can find the perfect video for any type of event. Who says videos always have to be shown on a rectangular screen? With projection mapping, the possibilities are endless! Indeed, HeayyM software allows you to quickly and easily adapt videos to a specific shape. We show you how here [intégrer un renvoi vers le formulaire]

Finally, synchronize your video projections with the music. This will make a huge difference in the overall result and the audience will go crazy for it. Depending on the amount of bass or treble, you can change the appearance of a certain shape so that it literally beats to the rhythm of the soundtrack. The visual effect is incredible. HeavyM effectively synchronizes the projection with the music.

To discover all our tips and the essentials for a successful projection mapping:

Download our complete guide – [intégrer un renvoi vers le formulaire]

3,2,1 ... start your projection mapping!

You’ve downloaded HeavyM and our guide? You are now almost ready to start your projection mapping. 

For this project, you will need, in addition to these two elements and as specified in the guide, a powerful computer, a video projector, a projection surface, a cable to connect your computer to the projector and a computer mouse (recommended).

How long does it take to create my projection mapping? Allow about two hours for the creation of the mapping and the editing. 

How much space do I need? With an Olga kit: a surface to hang on the wall and a distance of 2 to 3 meters between your projector and the wall (depending on your projector). Need more information about projectors? Here’s our advice. 

Better than a theoretical guide ... content based on HeavyM's expertise and experience!

Our guide has already been tried, tested and approved by many amateur and experienced artists. Its content is based on HeavyM’s expertise in working with professionals and amateurs on various projects for many years. Beyond the theory, it applies perfectly to the practical aspect of your project … whatever its nature!

For example, Jesse James used the powerful warping tool of our software to create a massive XR experience. Nearly 200 people attended the event. Everyone was fascinated by this high quality graffiti mapping experience. His project was a success thanks to the key steps of projection mapping mentioned in our guide.

Aelion Project created a sublime projection mapping installation for the “Hello Kinki” event in Bologna. They chose the right material, secured and optimized their installation as advised in our guide. A real success!

During the Kurpfuscher Festival, Lumalama – composed of two audiovisual artists – was able to build an optimal projection surface in order to broadcast its video mapping. Their secret? Combine three Olga kits, play on the originality of the contents and the synchronization of the music for a breathtaking result.

As you can see, the best way to acquire the basics for your video mapping is to download our HeavyM software and its guide. 

Do you also want to succeed with your projection mapping? Don’t wait any longer!

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