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Create ambitious projects with HeavyM 2 Pro

The software has additional features compared to the Live offer and allows you to go further in your ideas.

Here a list of advantages compared to Live: 

  • Up to 3 outputs (compared to only one in Live)
  • Enjoy an augmented resolution of 5760x2160px (compared to 1920x1200px)
  • Manage precisely multi-projection with the Edge-Blending features
  • Use warping in the output setup
  • Benefit from faster technical support

Need to go even further?

Your needs go beyond HeavyM 2 Pro? No problem. We have a distinct special software designed to accomplish all your ideas, even the craziest ones. 

We can provide a projection mapping software with: 

  • Unlimited outputs
  • Unlimited resolutions
  • All features included in HeavyM 2 Pro + exclusives ones
  • High priority response with the technical support with visio
Enterprise - EYS software

Free yourself from all constraints and produce exceptional shows

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Personalized services to assist you

You can benefit from creative and technical means to realize your projects. In addition to the software, support is available on the following topics:

  1. training to master the software with an official certification
  2. the choice of hardware (projector, computers, controllers,…)
  3. creation of personalized visuals
  4. development of interactive experiences with sensors, tablets, live music, … 
Building mapping Prepa work

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