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The perfect hardware and software solution
for permanent video installations

EYS, what is it ?

EYS “Enlarge Your Screen” is a complete solution for audiovisual professionals to produce ambitious projects and permanent installations.

As opposed to HeavyM, EYS is composed of two products: 

Digital Essence - EYS Solution

EYS Designer®

Powerful creative software to design your project

EYS Player® (optional)

Compact broadcast station to deploy the project on-site

Deploy EYS Player® on your customers’ sites and remotely control your projects from your EYS Designer® license.

EYS Solution - Principle scheme

Why EYS revolutionizes
permanent installations

High cost and technical complexity are the two issues that slow down the deployment of permanent installations. EYS brings solutions on both aspects:

EYS is as simple as HeavyM

For 6 years, HeavyM has been popularizing the creation of projection mapping thanks to its simple and ergonomic user interface.

EYS retains all the strengths of HeavyM: an intuitive interface, integrated effects, smooth management of external content …

You are therefore immediately operational without training.

EYS Designer interface

Democratization is on the way

EYS makes deployment financially accessible by offering products at affordable prices while guaranteeing a very high level of performance and quality.

What are the differences between HeavyM and EYS?

EYS was built on the same graphics engine as HeavyM, but goes further in terms of performance and features: 

  • Unlimited video outputs
  • Unlimited output resolutions (4K, 8K, 16K)
  • Remote content modification
  • Project automation
  • Perfectly optimized to work with the EYS Player© broadcast stations

A complete comparison table is available at the bottom of the page.

Is EYS for you?

EYS is designed for audiovisual professionals with the following needs:

  • Creating projects with more than 3 high resolution projectors
  • Deploying permanent installations easily
  • Lowering the cost of a video installation deployment and increasing margins
  • Managing installations remotely via internet
Immersive retail mapping experience

How to move towards EYS


EYS Designer©

1499€/$ tax excl.

Lifetime license

EYS Player©

from 1949€/$ tax excl.

Several models are available

Of course, it is possible to switch from HeavyM to EYS by paying only the difference.

EYS Designer© is also available with a 1 month subscription for 149€/$ tax excl.

We have made available 30-minute sessions in French and English to present the product and answer all your questions in a personalized manner.

Feature comparison

Discover the features and the services included in each offer.

Creative Features
Intuitive drawing tools
Unlimited faces and players
Integrated visual effects
Media playlists
Sequencer with transitions
Music reactivity
Blend Modes
New effects parameters soonSpring 2022Spring 2022Spring 2022
SVG file importsoon-Summer 2022Summer 2022
Input / Output
Number of outputs13Unlimited
Max resolution1920x1200px (WUXGA)5760x2160px (WUXGAx3)Unlimited
Multi outputs-
Syphon (macOs) / Spout (Windows)
NDI input / output
DMX input via Art-Net-
Video export-
Media handling in inputsoon-Summer 2022Summer 2022
Project startup automation--
Remote project modification--
Dedicated display station: EYS Player®--In option
Keyboard controls
MIDI controls
OSC controls
Community Forum
Chat with technical specialist--
Screen sharing--
Commercial use-

We are here to help you

Do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your projects and needs. Guaranteed response within a few hours.